Spooky and spicy are the words Sainsbury's has used to describe it's Instagram-worthy new lunch offering.

The supermarket is selling a limited-edition Spicy Hell's Chicken Sand'witch' inspired by the creepiest of crawlies which they claim is 'not for the faint-hearted'.

It features a dramatic black charcoal bun, which is packed with spicy Korean-inspired gochujang marinated chicken chunks, Red Leicester cheese, coleslaw and lettuce.

Priced at £3 the sandwich is more expensive than your average meal deal fare, but as this isn't your average chicken sarnie, it seems quite reasonable.

I gave the sandwich a go and here's what I thought of it...

The limited-edition sandwich certainly looks the part (


Daily Mirror Online)

As a massive fan of Halloween, I love trying seasonal goods and the appearance of this sand'witch' certainly didn't disappoint.

The charcoal bun is distinctive and unusual, but slice it in half and you get a burst of orange colour from the Red Leicester cheese.

Nothing screams Halloween more than those two colours! I'm sold already just on looks alone.

But how does it taste?

According to Sainsbury's, there's nothing "frightful" about the taste and they are right, it's all very pleasant.

The flavours work well together, with the chicken and lots of cheese, plus the cabbage and carrot slaw inside - it's a bit like eating a cold Korean-fried chicken burger.

I'd have liked more chicken as there wasn't as much as I'd expected and and if you are trying this for the spice, I'm afraid to tell you it's not hotter than hell. It's actually pretty mild.

But I still enjoyed it all the same and would encourage any chicken sandwich lovers to give it a try and enjoy the novelty of the whole thing as it'll likely still be an upgrade from what you're used to.

A word of advice though - be sure to glance in a mirror when you're done eating as you'll end up looking like something out of a horror movie with charcoal bread crumbs all over your teeth.

Speaking about the limited-edition sandwich, Shuwen Tan, Sainsbury’s product developer, added: "Knowing that our customers love getting involved with Halloween, we wanted to offer them something innovative and different this year – adding spookiness without compromising on flavour.

"Packed with succulent Korean-inspired spicy chicken and finished off with a charcoal bun for added drama, it’s a delightfully terrifying addition to our Food-to-Go range this Autumn."

The new Spicy Hell’s Halloween Chicken Sand‘witch’ can be found lurking in the shadows of the food-to-go section across 970 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide now until 31 st October.

Find your nearest store here.

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