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I’m mum to 21 BABIES – we have 16 live-in nannies & hectic meal times but I’m still a hands-on mum

AS ANY mum to a baby knows, you certainly have your hands full.

But imagine having 21 BABIES of your own - that's Kristina Ozturk's life.

The 24-year-old, from Batumi, Georgia, and millionaire businessman husband Galip, 57, have paid £142,000 (€168,000) to surrogates between March last year and July this year.

Kristina, who's originally from Russia, spends $96,000 (£67,700) a year on 16 live-in nannies, who work around the clock caring for their rapidly expanding brood.

The couple also live with Kristina's daughter Victoria, six, from a previous relationship, and one of Galip's nine older children, meaning it's 23 kids under one roof.

And Kristina insists she IS a hands-on mum. She previously told Fabulous: "I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do.

"The only difference is the amount of kids. Each day is different, from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family.

"I can tell you one thing - my days are never boring."

Kristina opens up about her daily life on Instagram, where she blogs us Batumi_mama and has 160,000 followers.

There she shows off hectic mealtimes, playing with the kids and taking them out for walks in a whole fleet of double prams.

In a recent Instagram Q&A, she explained how their lives really work.

During the week, the kids eat separately to their parents, as dad Galip is home so late from work.

Kristina says: "We usually feed the children in due time, and we have dinner together with my husband very late.

"On weekends, we eat together, spend time alone as much as possible, which is why Sunday is a day off on the blog, so that we can be just a family without prying eyes."

Their nannies work a rolling schedule of four days on, two days off and all live-in, with bedrooms near the kids. They also have their own kitchen where they can order food.

On Instagram, Kristina was asked how it works and if each nanny is "assigned to a particular child".

She said: "No, there are no bindings. During the day - of course, a specific one is responsible for a specific child. But during the week the nannies change."

When one find asked if she can really afford to "spend quality time" with ech of her kids, she replied: "Many times I have been asked how I have enough for each child, whether I devote time alone to each.

"Yes. We have a special bond with every child. I wish every parent to be able to spend all their time with their children, because this is the most important thing in life."

Kristina's life in numbers

Kids: 23

21 babies: ranging from 19 months to three months

£142k paid to surrogates

16 full-time nannies

£67k a year for nanny salaries

£4k a week on essentials for the babies

20 large packages of nappies every week

53 packs of baby formula

3-storey mansion for the parents, kids & nannies to live in

Kristina and Ozturk's babies are Mustafa, 19 months; Mariam, 18 months; Ayrin, 18 months; Alisa, 18 months; Hasan, 17 months; Judi, 17 months; Harper, 16 months; Teresa, 16 months; Huseyin, 16 months and Anna, 15 months.

Their youngest kids are Isabella, 15 months; Ismail, 14 months; Mehmet, 14 months; Ahmet, 14 months; Ali, 13 months; Kristina, 13 months; Sara, one; Lokman, one; Galip, 11 months; Olivia, nine months and Judy, three months.

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