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I’m happily married but I can’t stop talking to my bad-boy ex


DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband treats me like a princess, so why am I drawn to my bad-boy ex?

I’m happily married at 29 and my husband is 31

He knows all about my ex, who is 34, and how abusive he was towards me.

My ex accused me of cheating, yet all the time it was him doing the dirty on me.

One of his flings left him with a daughter and I got an STI due to his betrayals.

We are over, yet I still stalk him on social media. He messaged me once saying he missed me.

Why are there still feelings there for him?

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DEIDRE SAYS: A cold family background where you don’t feel worthy draws you into relationships that make you feel the same.

It’s all about familiarity.

He kept you under his thumb with accusations and by gaslighting. Sadly you felt you deserved this treatment.

Your new boyfriend has broken the mould but breaking away from bad treatment is difficult.

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