A COMMUNITY charity group has released a video on why Muslims love Christmas.

One Voice Blackburn has produced a video on why Muslims enjoy the festive period, with messages from members of organisations including the West End Girls (WEGS), Women’s Network, 1V Scouts and Gentlemen’s Club. The project is to promote social integration in Blackburn.

During the clip, members reveal what they like about Christmas with Subhan Faisa, from the 1V scouts, saying: “It gets me excited, families and friends gathering, and all the Christmas lights on the trees. I always enjoy my grandma’s Christmas meals, I love playing Secret Santa and spending on each other.”

One Voice CEO Zaffer Khan said: “The video is sending out an important and encouraging message of community cohesion. Irrespective of faith, we all enjoy the festive season and it is a time to strengthen bonds.”

It was filmed at Malthouse Farm, Whittle-Le-Woods.