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I ate at Salt Bae’s restaurant after lunch at McDonald’s and it’s not worth the money, says millionaire

A MILLIONAIRE who went from McDonald's straight to Salt Bae's London restaurant has said it was not worth the money.

Tech contractor Chiraag Suchak, 33, visited Nusr-Et for lunch having already chowed down a chicken sandwich meal at McDonald's.

Speaking to MyLondon, Suchak said he was just finished eating his cheap meal when his friend texted to say he'd gotten a reservation at Salt Bae's restaurant.

"The thing is, I wasn’t even that hungry, because I’d eaten lunch beforehand," he said.

When asked where he had been before heading to the upmarket eatery, he said: "McDonald’s. I arrived at Nusr-Et from McDonald’s.”

He explained how he thought he wouldn't get the chance again to visit the restaurant and went along.

“I would say that the food is good but it's not worth the price that they charge,” he told MyLondon.

"I’ve definitely had better. My friends who had the steak and the golden burger said the same.

"You really go for the experience, the atmosphere, and to get a selfie with the chef.

"You’re paying to see Nusr-Et and the way he cuts the steak with his black gloves, and that thing he does when he squeezes the burger.”

It comes as the Turkish-born internet icon Nusret Gökçe has come under fire for the extravagant prices at his upmarket Knightsbridge restaurant - with an £850 gold-coated steak and a £100 burger both on offer.

The menu was blasted over the price of its steaks after one customer was left with an eye-watering £37,000 bill.

The hungry group also forked out £400 for 16 Baklavas, £14 for sautéed broccoli and £12 for a side of mashed potato.

The bill-payer even paid £9,100 for a vintage 1996 bottle of Petrus, and £19,900 for two bottles of 2003 Petrus - bringing their receipt to a staggering £37,023.10.

Meanwhile, brutal reviews of Nusr-et have questioned its value for money, with one furious diner saying the prices are "overhyped" and its food is "inferior"

The Trip Adviser reviewer urged others to avoid getting "hooked by this scam of a restaurant" and likened it to a "kebab shop".

He wrote: "I thought this was a joke... unfortunately, it’s not! Inferior food and massively overhyped prices.

"The steaks were barely edible, and the prices bring water to the eyes.

"I’ve had better kebabs in Knightsbridge for under £7.00. The whole experience was shocking."

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