A Hull man says he feels like he has "been thrown under a bus" after being laid off from work - just a day after being placed on furlough leave.

The worker claims to have received a letter from his employer telling him he would receive 80 per cent of his regular pay and that he would "remain an employee".

However, his now-former company Summerbride Doors then had to get back in touch to tell him he would in fact be laid off as Government money "doesn't come through quick enough" to allow them to support their employees in that way.

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, has been left with "absolutely nothing" and unsure how to move forward during the Government lockdown.

His situation may have also been made worse due to the fact that he only started with the company a short time ago.

"I left a job, where I would have been safe, to join there," he said.

"I received a letter stating I was on furlough and would receive 80 per cent pay and that I remain an employee."

However, just a day later, he was left without knowing which way to turn.

The former employee said: "I was told on the phone that the Government's money doesn't come through quick enough, that they can't afford it and that I am being made redundant.

"I thought the whole point of this scheme was to avoid making people redundant. Instead of waiting for this money to come to help us out, it seems like they have just panicked thinking they might not get it back and got rid of us, leaving us with absolutely nothing.

"I just feel completely lost now and disappointed in how they handled it. People are getting 80 per cent to not go to work and others are getting nothing. Feel like I've been thrown under a bus.

"I know of a number of others that are in the same position but I don't know how many. Really don't know how to move forward if places are closing and I am not allowed to go out anyway."

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The Anlaby firm are like many up and down the UK that have been trying to react to changes to the way they have been asked to work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, they opted not to comment when approached by Hull Live.

Choosing to remain as positive as possible given the situation, the man himself says he still hopes to be able to return once the world gets back to its feet.

He said: "I am hoping they can reverse the redundancy later on and get the furlough backdated, but I am not so optimistic about this."

However, it could be the case that the worker would have fallen foul of a furlough loophole - even if that had been the route Summerbridge Doors had taken.

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The scheme allows the state to pay 80 per cent of the wages of any worker who is unable to carry out their job due to the Government lockdown.

But, the rate is based on February's wage, so anyone who started a job after February 28 is not eligible for the help.

Summerbridge Doors declined to comment on the claims.