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How long will Fornite be down for?

FORTNITE Chapter 3 is almost upon us, and there's plenty to be excited about after the conclusion of The End finale event.

So when does Fortnite Chapter 3 start? Here's everything we know.

When will Fornite be back online?

There is no official downtime schedule, but there are various reports of when Fortnite will return online.

It's thought Fortnite server downtime will end at 3pm GMT on Sunday, December 5.

That's according to PlayStation Support, which claims the game will be back online on Sunday afternoon.

But other reports suggest the game will remain offline until at least December 6 or even December 7.

If the latest reports are to be believed, the new season was initially supposed to launch early next week.

This reportedly changed after the Chapter 3, Season 1 trailer was leaked on TikTok earlier this week.

The new December 5 release date was revealed by Fortnite insiders online, alongside a snap of the next item shop update.

The Sun Online will keep you updated with all the latest developments.

Why is Fortnite down?

The Fortnite server is down as it anticipates the launch of Chapter 3.

On Saturday December 4 at 1pm PT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET / 9pm GMT players took part in the live Fortnite 'The End' event.

The event was a one-time only deal so if you missed it, there's no way to play it once it's over.

Fortnite's epic season finale featured an appearance by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, which is no great shock, given all the hints the game and he have been doling out lately.

The season ended with the island flipping upside down to reveal a brand new map.

Unfortunately, the appearance of a huge tidal wave means players will have to wait a little longer for the season to begin.

If you do manage to log back in, you'll see a distant character floating in the sea, alongside the occasional floating box.

The new update should be available to download ahead of Chapter 3, so expect more leaks to appear then.

Some things were already familiar to games as things played out like they did in the trailer.

It all started with players fighting big caretaker monsters and cube monsters, before a cutscene featuring The Rock and Prison Jones.

After blowing up the base and washing up in the water, players witnessed the Cube Queen being destroyed and saw the island flip over.

After a brief glimpse of the new map, the tidal wave wiped players out. The camera would then zoom out, which is when downtime began.

Needless to say, streamers will be broadcasting the entire thing. It's similar to the Black Hole event, when the game was offline for days.

What is Fortnite Chapter 3?

At this point, it's still too early to say what Fortnite Chapter 3 will entail now the final confrontation with the Cube Queen has concluded.

We also don't know what changes will be made for Fortnite Chapter 3.

However, as we're moving on to a completely new chapter we can be confident that there will be significant adjustments, based on how much was amended in the transition to Chapter 2 back in October 2019.

Not only was an entirely new map introduced, but fresh mechanics such as fishing and hiding were added, and the entire progress system was overhauled to focus on XP.