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Hotel guest spots VERY rude name on BBC channel after it’s changed for ‘prank’

A HOTEL guest was left gobsmacked after noticing someone had changed the name of a TV channel in his room to "C**T TV."

Matt Lambert, 45, from Devon, noticed the four-lettered swear word on his television while staying at the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry on Tuesday.

The dad-of-two, who is working in the city for a construction job, said he could not believe his eyes and began filming in astonishment.

He told The Sun Online: "I was shocked when I turned on the telly and it said C**T TV instead of BBC1.

"I checked the other channels - ITV, Channel 4 and they were all fine but I then switched back and it still said the same thing for BBC 1.

"How could someone do that? I have no idea.

"What if my wife and kids were there? It was shocking. What if a religious person was staying in the room?"

Matt and his colleague Nigel Baker, 53, arrived at the hotel on Monday evening for a three night stay.

The construction worker added: "We've been here nearly three nights and it still says C**T TV."

Last night, Matt recorded himself changing the channel and can be heard saying: "I can't believe it. When I put on BBC1, to my disgust, look what happens.."

He adds "I don't think that's acceptable."

Matt says he plans to complain to hotel staff about the obscenity when he checks out tomorrow morning.

It is believed a prankster hacked the TV and changed the name of BBC1 to the four-letter word.

The Sun Online has contacted Britannia Hotel - which runs the Royal Court Hotel - for comment.

Matt's wife hosts a blog named The Unnecessary Pessary which details the struggles people face following life-changing injuries.

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