Seven "never events" have taken place at the Alder Hey Children's Hospital which are now being investigated externally.

Never events are incidents classified by NHS managers as so serious they should never happen, and reviews are carried out, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The incidents have happened over the last two years and the children's hospital says no patients came to harm.

Investigations include a teenage boy, 15, who had the wrong tooth removed, an operation on the wrong eye, a swab being left inside a patient and an incorrect implant being inserted into a patient.

The Association for Perioperative Practitioners, a body set up to improve safety and quality in operating theatres, will be reviewing the cases.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital has experience seven "never events" and the incidents are being investigated by an external body

A report by Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group in July said: "The trust has had a series of seven Never Events and there is a plan to undertake an external review that has been delayed due to the pandemic response.

"The Trust have approached the Association for Perioperative Practitioners and have agreed the process for the independent review however, as stated, this is delayed.

"The Trust also plan to work with Imperial College London on a peer review and bespoke human factors training to include simulation training and coaching.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital made clear that none of the seven patients were harmed

"The Trust also plan to produce an overarching action plan to bring together the themes and learning from the seven Never Events. This work is still underway and NHSE/I and CCG had requested a copy of this plan."

A spokesman for Alder Hey said: "These incidents stretch back to 2018. We would wish to make it absolutely clear that although classified as 'Never Events', not a single one resulted in harm to any patient.

The spokesman added that every time an incident occurred it was "immediately reported to our regulator and commissioner".

And that the outcome from the investigation were "shared with the family" and also the "members of staff" at the hospital.