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Horrifying moment dog mauls five-year-old girl’s arm in church parking lot as frantic adults try to wrestle it from her

GRAPHIC video shows the horrifying moment a dog mauled a five-year-old girl’s arm in a church parking lot, as frantic adults tried to wrestle the animal away from her.

As the little girl was skipping through the parking lot after church with her father, a dog ran up to her and attacked her, unprovoked.

In the video shared by a Colorado humane society, a man holding papers in his hand walks toward a vehicle.

A dog comes into the frame from a road across the Colorado Springs church parking lot — off-leash, with its owner was nowhere in sight.

As the dog turns from the road into the parking lot running full speed, the five-year-old girl skips into the video frame, holding an adult woman’s hand.

Without warning, the dog darts between the man and launches at his daughter, aggressively biting her left arm and mauling it.

The girl is instantly knocked to the ground, as the woman and man try desperately to pry the dog off her.

As the dog keeps a hold on the girl’s arm, she is dragged around the parking lot while the adults try to wrestle the animal away.

Another woman sitting in a truck jumps out of her vehicle as she sees the commotion.

Another man runs toward the group to help try and wrangle the dog attacking the girl.

The girl is lifted into the air by the group of adults, as a fifth man runs toward the chaos to try and help.

It isn’t until one of the men grabs something out of his pocket and seemingly pokes the dog with it that the dog releases the girl from the clenches of his jaw.

The dog then runs away, as the woman who originally held the little girl’s hand holds her in her arms.

Despite the vicious attack, the girl was left with minor injuries.

She suffered "moderate puncture wounds" on her left bicep and forearm, and required medical treatment, the Humane Society's Bite Blotter that details animal biting incidents said.

The incident occurred on Oct. 20, 2019, according to the Bite Blotter.

The dog’s owner was issued a charge for Unlawful Ownership of a Dangerous Animal, and the owner surrendered the dog for euthanasia, the humane society said in a post.

The humane society said they shared the video as a warning to people about dangerous animals.

“Although our goal is to save as many lives as we can, some pets are simply not safe to be in the community.,”

“To prevent bites and attacks, pet owners need the basic tenets of responsible pet ownership — spaying and neutering to prevent roaming, keeping your pet restrained at all times, and seeking professional training before a behavior escalates.”

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