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Hollyoaks viewers horrified as James Nightingale leaves Donna-Marie Quinn to die after she overdoses

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HOLLYOAKS viewers were horrified tonight as James Nightingale left Donna-Marie Quinn to die after she overdosed on drugs.

The first look E4 episode saw Donna-Marie (played by Lucy-Jo Hudson) plot to leave the village with her daughter Juliet.

But after a confrontation in the village with former lover James - where he told her she was a terrible mother - Donna-Marie reverted back to her old ways and bought some drugs off dealer Jordan Price.

In the final moments of the episode, James returned to his home to find Donna-Marie collapsed on the floor, with the drugs paraphernalia strewn around her.

"You're not dying in my house" he said as he called 999, but a second later, he hung up.

As Donna-Marie writhed around on the floor, clearly struggling after her drugs hit, James turned and headed for the door, leaving her to die.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their shock at his latest callous move, with one writing: "What has become of James? Yes Donna-Marie is a very sucky person but she's also an addict who needs help.

"To leave her to just die from an overdose is highly disgusting of James, letting people just die is not like him either."

Another added: "Oh s**t James what have you done?"

A third tweeted: "first james feels guilty he may have indirectly caused Jesse's death, then the next day he leaves Donna-Marie for dead? my head's spinning."

The prostitute, who has battled with drug and alcohol addiction her whole life, was recently cleared of Mac Nightingale's murder.

Donna-Marie was locked away for one of Breda McQueen's many murders - but since returning to the village she has decided that she wants to start a fresh and move away from the drama.

After finding out that James and Marnie had framed her to get sent down, the prostitute decided that she wanted to leave the village for good with her teenage daughter.

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