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Holly Willoughby collapses on the sofa in hysterics after forgetting Prince Charles’ name

HOLLY Willoughby collapsed on the sofa in hysterics after playing a "stressful" game of It's Behind You on This Morning.

The presenter couldn't stop laughing as she failed to correctly guess the name of future king Prince Charles.

When a caller gave the clue "he is next in line to the throne" Holly, 38, predicted Prince Harry would next be King - despite quitting the Royal Family.

She hilariously shouted "William, Harry, George" before screaming "oh my god" and throwing herself back on the couch.

Her mind went completely blank during the quick-thinking guessing game.

She even guessed that palm trees are found on Scarborough Beach after running out of ideas.

After eventually getting through the game that, Holly said: "I find that game so stressful."

It's Behind You has been hit with technical difficulties and very awkward moments.

The game makes viewers describe objects displayed behind the hosts for them to guess.

With every correct answer, the viewer wins more money.

Yesterday she added up the total, which she claimed to be £1,200.

But they were both told in their eye piece that she is wrong, with Phillip saying the total was £1,300.

Holly looked embarrassed but laughed it off - however, fans noticed that Holly was in fact right.

After the advert break, the presenter was told she was actually right, telling viewers her director Barry was the one who made the mistake.