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Holby City spoilers: Max and Essie continue to reel from recent news, while romance blossoms between Jac and Kian


HOLBY City’s Max attempts to build bridges with her estranged son Louis in tonight’s episode of the medical drama.

The mother has been putting her foot in it by saying the wrong things after struggling to cope with Louis being a trans man.

Holby City viewers were in shock when Max ran a mile at the sight of her long-lost daughter Lily - who she hadn’t clapped eyes on in years. 

Max had planned to meet Lily after receiving a letter from her getting back in touch, but when she saw that she’d transitioned Max ran a mile. 

Louis then tried to get his mum to listen and hear his story, but Max was having none of it and told him she’d never accept him for who he was. 

Viewers then saw Max - who’s a recovering alcoholic - order a boozy cocktail and return to the hospital smelling of alcohol. 

Tonight’s episode of the medical drama will see Max continue to overthink things in her head and go over and over her conflict with Louis. 

She’s overwhelmed by her feelings as she gets ready to perform brain surgery on patient Lindsay. 

It all kicks off when Ange smells alcohol on Max and runs straight to Ric. 

Could Lindsay’s life be at risk if Max has turned back to the bottle?

Meanwhile, Essie is also struggling as she dwells on the devastating news that her cancer has returned. 

Trailer for Holby City Spring series 2020

She's desperate for Sacha not to find out as she’s worried that it will be too much for his fragile mental health.

Also on tonight’s episode of Holby City, Kian and Jac get cosy over a pizza and bottle of wine in Jac’s office. 

Could a romance between the two be on the horizon?

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