Heavy D made his mark on the entertainment spheres with his bubbly personality and tongue in cheek humour.

Celebrity Big Brother's Heavy D - real name Colin Newell - died at the age of 43, his friend has confirmed.

The reality star - who even described himself as the "loveable rogue" - knew he had a huge impact on the Celebrity Big Brother house.

His part was to "spice up" the house as Heavy D consciously wound up other people.

After his eviction in 2016, he said: "It was all in good taste. It was boring otherwise. I just wanted to bring a bit of spice to the house, spice it up.

"I'm a loveable rogue. It was getting boring so I wound up a few people.

"At first everyone was trying to find their feet so it was war but when things calmed down it was sweet."

The self-confessed 'Boominator' certainly had a commanding presence during his reality TV stint.

Heavy D's most colourful moments from explosive CBB spats to Judge Rinder appearance

Squaring up to Lewis Bloor

Heavy D didn't shy away from controversy during his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The colourful character had a heated confrontation with Lewis Bloor after he had been deliberately winding him up.

They squared up to each other in an epic showdown which shocked the other housemates.

Lewis shouted: "Mate, shut the f**k up... two seconds." He warned: "Give us a kiss, you're a big fat p***y."

The fiery spat ended with Lewis throwing his drink in Heavy D's face.

Later, the TOWIE star confessed he wanted to stand his ground in front of his girlfriend after being intimated.

Lewis told the Diary room: "I was being wound up and intimidated by a big person.

"I stood my ground in front of my girlfriend."

Elsewhere, Heavy D had told Bear he found out why he could upset Lewis so much.

He said: "I think Lewis doesn’t like me, that’s why I can wind him up!"

Celebrity Big Brother eviction reaction

Heavy D was incredibly surprised when he was booted off Celebrity Big Brother in 2016.

He was the fourth celebrity to be eliminated from the competition after losing the public vote to Renee Graziano, Lewis Bloor and Stephen Bear.

Taken back, Heavy D had every confidence he was going to win the reality series.

He told Emma Willis: "It was a shock. I was confident I would win it."

Judge Rinder appearance over landlord dispute

Heavy D surprised fans with his appearance on Judge Rinder in 2018.

His landlord Stephen claimed £5,000 over damages caused to his property where the reality star had lived.

In 2017, he had sold photographs of his rental property in Enfield in disarray to a newspaper for £200 - a fee he gave to Great Ormond Street.

But the TV personality was counter suing for £8,000 because he felt his landlord had cost him his earnings with a backlash of negative press leading to cancellation of bookings.

Judge Rinder grilled Heavy D on why he couldn't afford to pay two months rent with his celebrity status.

However, Heavy D revealed work had dried up when he had emerged from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Judge Rinder ruled Heavy D had to pay his landlord £5,000.

The TV judge also agreed the landlord had a right to sell his side of the story.

He offered him some words of advice: “Being a celebrity is not the be all and end all.”