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Heartless hit-and-run driver said ‘b*****ks to her, we’ve got to go’ after injuring woman in high-speed BMW crash


A HEARTLESS driver said "b*****ks to her" after leaving a woman badly injured in a BMW horror smash.

Luke Rothwell, 25, crashed the flashy motor into a wall while it was crammed with six people after speeding at 80mph.

Passengers Niamh Gara, 20, and Molly Ferncombe, also 20, were both badly injured in the smash and pals begged Rothwell to help.

But the callous businessman instead fled the scene in Manchester on foot - saying: "B*****ks to her, we've got to go."

Niamh and Molly were both taken to hospital where the former was treated for a fractured elbow and facial injuries.

Molly was left scarred for life after suffering a laceration to her forehead and she also sustained a spinal wedge fracture, which left her in hospital for a month.

Rothwell has now been jailed for 27 months after admitting causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard how he was dropping friends off after a night partying in a casino in Manchester when the horror unfolded in February last year.

The BMW was packed with Rothwell, three women and two men when he was seen erractically driving through the city.

A police officer saw the car speeding and began to follow it as Rothwell tried to escape.

But after overtaking a taxi, he sped through a red light while "absolutely tanking it" before smashing into a wall.

Rothwell managed to escape uninjured but a horrified witness saw Molly covered in blood as he fled the scene.


In a statement to police, Molly said: ''I am suffering from PTSD, and required bed rest for three months. I struggle to walk long distances and I was unable to continue with my job, which required me to stand up.

"My anxiety has improved but I still have aches and pains and I've since been able to get a job that allows me to work from home. ''

Police later discovered a bottle of vodka in the footwell of the leased BMW 320D M Sport Auto3 plus ''hippy crack'' nitrous oxide gas bottles.

Rothwell eventually gave himself up and admitted drinking alcohol and snorting cocaine before the crash - although he was under the limit.

Alexandra Sutton, prosecuting, said: ''He didn’t recall crashing the BMW but did remember having a panic attack, falling asleep and waking up at an ex-girlfriend's house."

As well as a jail term, Rothwell, who has a previous conviction for careless driving from 2017, has also been banned from driving for 40 months.


Sentencing, Judge Tina Landale told him: ''Having consumed cocaine earlier in the day and then alcohol, you drove your friends late at night.

"You were not over the limit for either alcohol or drugs, but you were driving a high-powered BMW that was unfamiliar to you.

“That car was overcrowded. There were five passengers, and you knew at least one was unrestrained with a seat belt.

"You drove at high speeds, increased your speed and drove extremely fast through a red light and went the wrong side of the carriageway. Ultimately, you crashed into a wall.

“Two women were seriously injured yet your only concern, despite the injuries of your friends, was for yourself.''

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