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Gut-churning video of a monster splinter suddenly bursting out of a man’s foot will make you jump

SOMETHING getting under your skin is never a nice feeling - so spare a thought for this man who had a "monster" splinter hidden in his foot.

This toe-curling clip shows the moment an enormous shard of wood was removed from his foot - after he had walked around with it for WEEKS.

The seemingly small puncture in the sole of the patient's foot was in fact harboring a sharp piece of timber - much to his doctor's surprise.

The bemused medic explained he had previously tried to get the sickening splinter out without success.

"Jake told me he had a splinter in his foot," he said. "We made an honest attempt to get it, like a real honest attempt."

The oddly satisfying footage shows the doctor try to tease the fragment out with a tool, while a female pal recording the extraction can be heard gasping.

He continues: "Now, a couple of weeks later, this little guy - oh my gosh - I guess the X-ray wasn't kidding!"

After gently putting pressure on the surrounding area, the gigantic splinter is seen bursting out of the ball of Jake's foot - much to the horror of those in the room.

"Oh my god! This is a great video! We got that on video!" the excited doctor says. "This monster was in Jake's foot."

The brave patient barely flinches as the inch-long shard of wood - that rivals the length of his big toe - escapes from his skin.

He even says he "feels like he's being pranked" after questioning the reaction of the splinter spectators as they gasp in horror.

Jake is then comically but calmly heard asking: "Is it out?"

The startling moment the splinter explodes out of his foot has been viewed over 3 million times after being shared on Twitter.

The gut-churning video received mixed reactions online, as some said it was "satisfying" while others explained it had left them feeling sick.

"Was NOT expecting THAT," one tweeted.


Another added: "I've seen this many times but every time it makes me audibly gasp, I can't imagine how that feels!"

A third user said it had left them "shocked, disgusted and slightly entertained".

But one wrote: "Nothing more satisfying. Sorry, I’m a podiatrist and enjoy finding foreign bodies in people’s feet."

Another dubbed it "Master Splinter", in reference to the fictional rat instructor from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Others even hilariously added cartoon sound effects behind the moment the splinter surges to the surface.

Some also shared their own horror stories after acquiring a dreaded splinter.

It is not clear how the huge splinter became embedded in Jake's foot or where the extraction took place.