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Grasmere Rushbearing sees funds replenished from Coop fundraising

GRASMERE Rushbearing’s partnership with the Coop has raised over £400 in fundraising for the community.

While the previous two fundraising events for Rushbearing in Grasmere were interrupted by the pandemic, the Cooperative has strived to make up for lost time and funds in order to support the organisation.

The Rushbearing organisation is of long standing in the community and has worked many local elements to raise funds for various causes over its history.

This most recent effort causes the Coop store in Grasmere raise the money through its community charity engagement scheme.

The group is supported by local Councillor Will Clark who has been instrumental in its success.

Tom Barnes, the store manager, who has worked for the company for seven years, said: “It’s an important group and they do so much.

“We really wanted to scrap together as much as we could in order to replenish as much as we could since the last two events could not go ahead as they normally would have.

“The Rushbearing is one of the oldest traditions around but it’s still going strong.

“They normally have a parade through the village where their volunteers get donation buckets and go along with them. But of course, that could not happen.

“Through our local causes scheme, we donate every two pence that we get from things like car insurance and life insurance to the fundraising pot.

“The £400 will be invested into the community and they are looking at possible getting some proper Christmas lights for the town.

"Places like Kirkby and Kendal have some amazing lights but there aren’t that many here.

"We’d love to get a big Christmas tree for the area ideally.”

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