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Granddad creates stunning princess bed for his granddaughter with glittery paint, hidden doors and even a secret slide

A GRANDDAD used his ameteur DIY skills to create an incredible princess bed for his granddaughter - and it looks professional. 

George Mee, 67, was asked by his son if he could help make a fairytale bed for granddaughter, Izzy, four. 

George, from Reading, said the family had looked at getting a princess bed pre-made, but it cost up to £2,000, and had to be assembled and painted. 

The retired  Royal Navy chef told "We wanted a princess castle bed for my granddaughter Izzy, four, as this was her first step up from a toddler bed.

"We looked at castle beds, but couldn't find one we liked.

“The guys that were doing them provided them ready-made and I'm sure with a neater finish than ours, but they cost around £1500 to £2000.

“These came flat-packed and unpainted, so it was a lot of money for a very unfinished product, one that wouldn't be made to our specifications or room size.

"The ones we found also stopped doing them with a slide as this meant they were classed as a toy so were subject to more regulations.”

Instead George and his family decided to make it themselves, using existing pieces of furniture and Ikea bargains. 

George said: “My son asked me if I thought we could make it ourselves. 

“He sent me a design on paper and explained we were going to buy a mid-sleeper bed with a slide and use IKEA Kallax towers and build around it.

“My son asked me if I would like to help as I was going for a visit that weekend.

“The bed is made from the base bed, Kallax towers and MDF. The wardrobe at the end my son already had.

“The slide we were adamant about having, she's used about four times!”

The finished product is a magical princess castle bed which has a Frozen theme, with glittery snowflakes, a giant crown and characters from the Disney film dotted around. 

George said the whole project cost around £800, a fraction of what it would have been to buy it professionally made, adding the paint ate up a lot of their budget. 

He added: “The painting was a very long process with several coats and sanding between each coat and on the final glitter paint layers, the paint had to be buffed to get the glitter to shine through.”

But it was worth it in the end, as Izzy was chuffed to bits with her bespoke princess bed. 

George said: "We all love the bed, feel very proud of our achievement and ultimately love the fact it was done as a family affair.”

And for anyone looking to get stuck in to some DIY themselves, George advised: “My main tips would be that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

"The brick effect is really effective - this is just square and oblong shapes cut randomly, carefree and not straight, then sanded to create a brick effect.

“I’d also say that B&Q are great and will cut your sheets to size, so plan ahead and you can get a lot of your cuts done by their industrial machine.

"IKEA Kallax make great wardrobe - you can make your own doors from the cutout, but they will require lots of sanding.

"The palace turret toppers are light shades from B&M!

“I have no carpentry experience or background, but I always feel at home tinkering in my workshop and for the last few years I have discovered a talent making small projects from MDF.

“George has created the castle princess bed of dreams - and best of all, it’s entirely bespoke for Izzy, and at half the cost of similar products online!

“If you’re trying to build something similar, inspire yourself on Pinterest and watch YouTube tutorials - even if you’re not a DIY pro, we all have to start somewhere."

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