What can you say about the Labour Party this week?

That’s rhetorical. I know what I could say, or what I should say, but I don’t know what I CAN say.

Don’t want to get booted out, see.

It’s the last club I belong to since Blockbuster shut down. Better to stay on safe ground.

After the report into anti-Semitism was released it seems all of Labour agrees about the need to improve its processes for tackling complaints.

Shamefully, there were cases mentioned in the report that have been going through the system since 2011.

It got better after 2018 but was still slow. Whole thing was a mess.

The reaction to the report itself kind of ignored all that.

The bigger news was the suspension of the former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Former leader Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended, but Labour's current leadership needs to focus on policy

It shows you the problems in the party that what should have been a day where reconciliation could have taken place – the whole outfit coming together to act on the report – it turned into something completely different.

The media didn’t help, of course.

That’s the trouble with turning your political party into a soap opera. People want more and more drama. Three big fights a week and an omnibus.

Reaction to the decision to suspend Mr Corbyn was utterly predictable. Dumbed-down commentary on dumbed-down politics.

Keir Starmer needs to produce ideas centre, right, and left of the party, so they can all unite behind

For example, despite Mr Starmer claiming he had nothing to do with the decision, it was lazily hailed as strong leadership.

There were even comparisons with Neil Kinnock, right, not massively helpful.

Because although Mr Kinnock removed a strand of the party, it deepened divisions that were already there.

And after a couple of years being praised as a strong leader, he was known as someone constantly fighting – and not successfully – to hold his party together.

He lost an election as well but that almost seems academic.

The only real demonstration of strong leadership that will unite the party is going to come from policy.

Former leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from Labour party this week

It’s early in the cycle but there now needs to be a direction of travel.

If Mr Starmer and his team can produce ideas the centre, right, and left of the party can unite behind, it would do a lot to heal current problems.

There’s a good chance coming up. There are local elections next year, as well as mayoral, and votes in the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments.

Some nice policy to take into those fights would be handy.

No point sending people into battle without weapons. Clear positions on the economy, jobs, immigration, etc would be good.

But it’s tricky coming up with policy on the brink of a civil war. Never the ideal backdrop to do your thinking. I suppose it’s always been this way.

Labour is a city built on fault lines, like Los Angeles. In LA they have 10,000 earthquakes a year.

Most you don’t notice, some knock your pictures over. Every few years there’s The Big One then you rebuild. But the fault lines are always there.

Geologists say because of the movement of the earth’s crust, San Francisco and Los Angeles, now 350 miles apart, are inching closer.

In about 15 million years, they will be adjacent. Safe bet: they will be united before the Labour Party.