Gogglebox fans have been left startled by the appearance of Ellie and Izzi Warner’s location in the new series.

The beloved sisters from Leeds returned for the new run of the Channel 4 show that sees normal people watching the week’s television at home as amusing armchair critics.

Sisters Ellie and Izzi have been on the show for years now and have often been seen sitting in the same room to view the week’s television.

However, Friday’s instalment saw the pair seated in an all-different home to usual with very different decor.

The premiere of the new run saw Ellie and Izzi settle down with cake slices to watch shows such as Vigil, the news, and Ready to Mingle.

Gogglebox fans had gotten used to seeing Ellie and Izzi Warner in a previous living room (


Channel 4)

Yet, viewers were too distracted by the different home of Ellie and Izzi for the episode.

One Gogglebox fan commented on Twitter : “I really want Ellie and/or Izzi's new wallpaper #Gogglebox ”.

A different viewer wrote: “Blimey have Ellie and Izzy moved house or redecorated #Gogglebox ”.

Meanwhile, another admirer of the Channel 4 series penned: “Did Ellie or Izzie move? The room looks different. #Gogglebox ”.

Ellie and Izzi appeared in a very different living room (


Channel 4)

Elsewhere, one Twitter user wrote: “Love the new wallpaper! Where did you get it from? #gogglebox ellie”.

Finally, one Gogglebox fan concluded: “Ellie & Izzi’s new gaff is lively #Gogglebox ”.

Sadly it will be the first series of the Channel 4 hit without a few stars following the tragic deaths of Pete McGarry, Mary Cook and Andrew Michael this summer.

Ellie Warner and her boyfriend moved into a new home they have renovated (



Due to this, the rest of the Michael family (Carolyne, Louis, Alex, Katie and Pascal), Linda McGarry and Marina Wingrove will not be appearing on the show.

Elsewhere, Paige Deville and mother Sally Hayward will also not appear on the show going ahead, with the former revealing her reasons for quitting on social media.

*Gogglebox continues on Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday with previous episodes available on All4.

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