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Gogglebox fans horrified by explicit goat castration scenes after show sparked Ofcom complaints with graphic turkey sex

GOGGLEBOX fans were left horrified by an explicit goat castration scene this evening - two weeks after the show sparked Ofcom complaints by showing graphic turkey sex.

Channel 4's viewers and stars alike were left squirming during tonight's episode, which included the gory moment from The Yorkshire Vet.

As soon as the programme appeared on their screens the sofa addicts expressed concern about what they were about to be shown - but they were not prepared for the gruesome surgical procedure.

Vet Matt explained that Gideon the goat was going to be "relieved of his testicles", with the entire operation filmed up-close to the surgical site.

The Gogglebox stars were seen squirming, grimacing, and screaming in horror as Gideon's testicles were clamped before being squeezed out of his body.

Louis Michael exclaimed: "It's like something out of Alien!" while others refused to watch.

After the testicles had been removed, Tom Malone told his parents: "They look a bit like poached eggs", with his mum Julie replying: "I don't know - they're a bit wrinkly, they remind me of your dad's forehead!"

But the joke wasn't enough to distract fans at home from the gory scenes they'd just watched, and they flocked to social media to share their reaction.

Taking to Twitter, a horrified fan wrote: "OMFG the castration of a goat is not something you need to see, Friday night or otherwise. shudders".

Another agreed: "Oh no, after watching @jimmysfarm and that turkey on #Gogglebox I am not watching this castration!"

A third shared: "How bad is the castration piece on #Gogglebox I winced!"

One more exclaimed: "That goat castration made me so sick omfg."

Last week, The Sun Online revealed that Gogglebox had received official Ofcom complaints after disgusting viewers with a very explicit segment on turkey insemination on the show.

The offending clip was from Autumn at Jimmy’s Farm and showed in extremely graphic detail how artificial insemination is performed on turkeys.

Horrifying the Gogglebox families, Julie Malone exclaimed: “Oh don’t tell me he’s going to w**k a turkey!”

Gogglebox airs graphic turkey insemination scene from Autumn at Jimmy's Farm

While Mary and Marina cackled at the sight, saying: “He’s giving him a little tickle – I bet he likes that!”

The graphic demonstration revealed the farm used a mix of natural mating and artificial insemination, surprising families by revealing that turkeys don’t have penises.

Farmer Jimmy explained the process, which involved using his little finger to stimulate the production of sperm.

Viewers at home were as shocked as the Gogglebox families, taking to Twitter in their droves to share their disgust.

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