Good Morning Britain's weather presenter Laura Tobin was a little flustered today as her skintight pleather trousers made her morning a little tricky.

The meteorologist, 39, was wearing a flowery top tucked into a pair of burgundy trousers, which she admitted she was "struggling to breathe in".

Laura also confessed that she had needed help from a floor manager to try and get out of them.

Her GMB colleagues couldn't resist taking the mickey out of her by airing ripping and squeaky noises.

She exclaimed: "I knew you were going to do that!"

As another noise sounded, Laura complained: "I'm not even moving!"

Laura presented the weather today (


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Laura wore a pair of pleather trousers (


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The weather presenter went on to explain the noises to viewers, saying: ""The sound effects are because I am wearing a pair of sustainable pleather trousers."

Susanna quipped: "It's not because of what you had for breakfast?"

"No! I haven't even had my breakfast yet, in these trousers I can't eat a thing," she insisted. "There's a whole cupboard of sweets waiting for me and I can’t eat any of them.

"And yes earlier you will see that the director thought it was hilarious when you sit down that the trousers wrinkle up, so I had to ask the floor manager Vicky, if she wouldn't mind pulling my trousers down."

That wasn't the only awkward moment of GMB today as Susanna Reid was left cringing as Alastair Campbell asked her to touch his "wrinkly apples".

Just minutes into the ITV show today, Alastair said that he needed to voice a complaint about his Ocado shop last night.

Alastair Campbell and Susanna Reid hosted GMB (



The 64-year-old said that he was shocked after receiving a pair of wrinkly apples and, when calling up the store, was told it was essentially a result of Brexit.

After pulling out the two pieces of fruit, he said: "Last night, my Ocado shop arrives. Apples - have a little feel of my apples."

Reaching across the table towards Susanna, she hesitantly took the apple as she said: "Right... OK. It's a little wrinkly."

"It's wrinkly and it's soft and a bit rubbery," Alastair said. "So we checked it out with Ocado and they said basically it's because of a shortage of pickers, shortage of drivers and a shortage of CO2. So all these things we've been talking about, they're affecting our apples as well.

"So this is a Brexit apple, I would argue."

*Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV

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