Uber drivers are on strike for 24 hours in Glasgow in a bid for better working conditions.

Organised by the App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU), a demonstration kicked off outside the company's Glasgow offices on Washington Street at 1pm today.

It is one of many organised in eight cities across the UK, including Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and London.

The Union says they are striking "over poor pay and conditions, unfair dismissals and failure to implement the UK Supreme Court ruling."

This was a landmark ruling which stated that Uber drivers should be classed as workers and not as self-employed early this year.

The ADCU adds that they have three simple demands to make to the company including scrapping fixed pricing.

They instead suggest a £2 per mile base fee. Another is to end unfair dismissals, which they have referred to as 'Robo-Firings.'

The third and final requirement is to comply with the court ruling by paying drivers for their waiting time.

Residents of Glasgow and other cities where demonstrations are being held are being asked not to use the service during this time.

Glasgow branch chair, Eddie Grice said: "Uber drivers are taking a stand today in protest of low pay and poor working conditions where they are at constant risk of unfair dismissal at any given moment.

"Uber is dismissing drivers on a gross scale and they do it without any semblance of due process or evidence to back up the allegations.

"So today, drivers are demanding that Uber end unfair dismissals without evidence as well as demanding that Uber scrap their fixed pricing model which is nothing more than computerised wage theft. We're demanding pay based on time and distance.

"We're also demanding they comply in full with the Supreme Court ruling which they continue to evade.

"This is a 24 hour strike, we started at midnight where Uber drivers across the UK have switched their apps off and we're also asking passengers today not to cross the digital picket line by booking with Uber.

"Drivers and passengers alike, please switch the Uber app off today and there will be demos in eight cities across the UK we're hearinf the strike being led by the App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) has now spread globally with drivers unions worldwide also joining in today."

It comes after the Union wrote to Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer about the presence of Uber executives, including Jamie Heywood, at the Labour Party Conference.

They added that it was particularly concerning that Yvette Cooper MP and Stephen Timms MP decided to share a platform with Uber on the subject of the gig economy.

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