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Giuliani thinks Trump ‘may have won Virginia’ despite Biden winning state by nearly half a million votes

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump's lawyer leading his challenge to the 2020 election results, claimed that the president may have won the state of Virginia, despite losing it by nearly half a million votes.

Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Mr Trump has disputed those results.

Mr Giuliani has alleged on numerous occasions that there was massive voter frauds that led to Mr Trump's loss. He has not provided sufficient evidence to back up any of his claims.

"I think we may actually have won Virginia, but that's another battle," Mr Giuliani said.

Mr Biden defeated Mr Trump in Virginia by 451,138 votes.

Mr Giuliani has repeatedly spread false information regarding the results of the election.

During the meeting with Republican lawmakers, Mr Giuliani claimed that “8,000 dead people” voted in the Pennsylvanian election - another claim without evidence. 

Even conservative websites have called out Mr Giuliani's lies and misinformation.

After claiming there was an "overvote" in Detroit - essentially claim that more voters cast ballots than there are registered voters - conservative website Power Line pointed out that Mr Giuliani was using data from Minnesota, not Michigan.

The site wrote a blog on the misstep titled "Do Trump's lawyers know what they are doing?" questioning the competence of the president's legal team.

The data Mr Giuliani cited was actually from Trump-won counties in Minnesota.

After further investigation, it was found that even correcting for the right state. Mr Giuliani was wrong about the facts. Minnesota has same-day voter registration and very high turnout rates. Aaron Blake of the Washington Post suggested the numbers were likely drawn up based on "estimated voter" data released from the Minnesota Secretary of State in the days after the election.

Mr Giuliani tried to link the alleged abberation to Dominion voting machines - a reference to a baseless and debunked conservative conspiracy theory that claims the voting machines changed votes for Mr Trump to Mr Biden - but was again incorrect. Minnesota does not use Dominion machines. The state uses paper ballots.

Despite the complete debunking of his claims, Mr Giuliani has continued to repeat the false information.

Mr Giuliani has been a vocal and bizarre fixture of Mr Trump's election challenge crusade.

Earlier in the month, Mr Giuliani hosted a strange press conference at a landscaping company named "Four Seasons," presumably due to a booking mistake.

A week ago, Mr Giuliani hosted another press conference where he continued to rant about voter fraud allegations while a dark liquid - presumably his hair dye - ran down the sides of his head, adding to the image of Mr Trump's legal challenges as disorganised and unhinged.

Despite Mr Giuliani's missteps, Mr Trump appears to still trust him to be the face of his election challenge.

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