Controversial food writer Giles Coren has deleted his Twitter after allegations of racism were levelled against him by a former colleague.

Giles, known for his scathing opinions and fiery Twitter rants, faced the allegations from a former colleague who had worked with him on BBC Two's 12 Drinks Of Christmas.

Amid the announcement of Times Radio's new lineup of presenters, comedian Josie Long wrote: "Giles Coren has been repeatedly called out for racist content in columns..."

One of Josie's followers - and Giles' former colleague - Saima Ferdows responded to the tweet by sharing her experiences while working with Giles.

One tweet read: "When I worked with Giles he said I was only there because of box ticking."

Giles was accused of racism by his former colleague

Giles soon chimed in and the exchange became heated.

"When I worked with you on what?" he wrote.

"12 Drinks of Christmas," the colleague replied, "I can tell you exactly when and where it happened too if that helps?"

Josie's tweet sparked a heated exchange
She didn't hold back

When Giles said it would help, the colleague explained: "It was on the first day of shooting at a cocktail masterclass on Colebrook Row in Islington and it was as I was getting you into your taxi home after the shoot."

Giles asked: "And I said what exactly? Because what you said sounds horrific and racist and bullying.

"Properly sick-making and rendering me unfit to work in media or anywhere else. I'm amazed you didn't make a formal complaint. I would never have worked again."

The colleague accused Giles of telling her she was hired due to 'box ticking'
The colleague recalled the incident, where and when

"I've told you what you said and when you said it," the colleague wrote, "I don't know what more you want from me?"

She added: "FYI I immediately told the exec and nothing happened."

Giles said he recalled a complaint against the BBC's Fiona Bruce: "I remember your complaint about the racism of Fiona Bruce (the 'where are you really from?' stuff). But not about me.

Giles has since deleted his Twitter account
He's one of the nation's best known food writers

"I just remember you being really good at your job. Weird. I guess we'll get to the bottom of it in the end."

Giles has now deleted his Twitter account.

Mirror Online has reached out to Giles' reps, the BBC and The Times for comment.

He has written for The Times since 1993.