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Get your body prepared for cold and flu season by taking these vitamins

WE are heading towards the cold and flu season so now is the time to get prepared by taking vitamins.

Today we look at how to get your fix and our Beauty Editor tries the body lotions aimed at getting rid of lumpy, bumpy, unsightly skin . . . 


with Jane Atkinson


Ever forget to take multivitamins? It may help if you get them sent to you regularly in the post.

Multivitamins pack Feel contains 33 vitamins, minerals and botanicals including coenzyme Q10 for heart health, antioxidant-rich reishi mushrooms, copper that supports healthy thyroid activity and grape seed for complexion.

No flavourings or colourings. Just two small capsules a day. Great clean product, terrific idea.


“Nourished” has devised the world’s first customised nutrition product.

You fill in a short questionnaire and a bespoke stack of sugar-free nutrients, which looks and tastes like a sweet, is made and delivered to you.

Each stack has seven layers – mine included lycopene and resveratrol for brain and mind, stress-busting ashwagandha and vitamin A for eye health.

A great product and a tasty daily treat! I looked forward to having them every day.


If you can’t stomach tablets, drinks are a good idea. Natures Plus Source Of Life Gold Liquid is packed with vitamins, minerals and fruits plus spirulina, apple fruit and Korean ginseng.

A real super tonic. BUT it claims to be in a drip-proof bottle. It isn’t. The only way to get round it is to glug the green liquid from the bottle.

It is quite thick, tastes slightly tropical – not my favourite, it definitely tastes healthy!


with Gabriella Stein


This lightweight, everyday body lotion exfoliates, smoothes away bumps and moisturises for 24 hours.

Active ingredients include lactic acid, sweet almond oil, a unique skin-hydration complex called LaH6 and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which exfoliates and renews skin cells.

This is suitable for children over three and can be used on your face (which scares me slightly so I didn’t try it!). Very light and soaked in really well. But I wasn’t overly keen on the smell.


Described as a deeply hydrating body formulation to soften and remove rough and bumpy skin.

This contains lactic acid (an AHA) and salicylic acid (a beta-hydroxy acid) – oil-soluble acids that break down dirt and debris.

Plus ten per cent urea which treats dryness. If you’ve got parched skin this is ace. The thickest of the three and really hydrating. A slight fragrance but not overpowering. My favourite.


This contains a unique combination of ingredients – urea and natural moisturising factors – which bind moisture in and repair the skin’s natural protective barrier to prevent further moisture loss.

It isn’t overly thick and doesn’t really have a smell. The lotion immediately looks like it tightens up the skin which is great.

But you can feel it on your skin too, a bit like a film. Not unpleasant, just a little odd.

Sleep expert promises you'll get one HOUR more sleep at night if you take this vitamin

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