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Gemma Collins feels ‘brand new’ after having the fat in her chin dissolved with £350 injection


GEMMA Collins said she feels "brand new" after having the fat in her chin dissolved with a £350 injection.

Gemma, 39, hit back at fans who accused her of using Instagram filters to achieve her flawless photos and revealed her secret skincare treatments, saying "yes my face has changed, but I'm feeling good."

"Moisturising, skin tightening, I had a little injection in my chin to take some fat out of my chicn. It's all been done by the London Aesthetics company.

"I've been seeing a lot of people saying 'you've got a filter' honey this isn't a filter. This is me. My authentic self. I have just been looking after myself a lot recently and loving myself. I'm a Queen at the end of the day. This is how I look. There is no filter on here. This is a normal video.

She added: "Yes my face has changed a bit but for the better. I've lost weight. I'm feeling good, I've got time to look after myself. I've had lots of treatments at the London Aesthetics company. And I feel brand new."

Gemma told fans before about her permanent contour.

Earlier this month she was looking slimmer than ever after getting a painful "jawline tightening" treatment on her face.

After the former Towie star, 39, lost three stone she had the beauty treatment to look permanently contoured around her jawline.

And after the treatment she's looking slimmer than ever as she posed in her new "I'm claustrophobic Darren" hoodie on Instagram.

Fans rushed to tell the GC how amazing and healthy she looks.

"Your looking more gorgeous every day Gemma but please don't join the clones brigade! You don't need to," one fan commented.

"You look amazing!" another wrote.

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