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Gavin and Stacey star Ruth Jones left stunned by her grandfather’s saucy love letters on Who Do You Think You Are?

GAVIN and Stacey star Ruth Jones discovered some saucy truths about her grandparents tonight on Who Do You Think You Are?

Ruth, 54, was left blushing on the BBC One programme when she came across a satchel full of love letters from her very romantic grandfather.

The Gavin and Stacey creator, best known for playing Nessa in the comedy, discovered the racy letters written when her grandad Henry was a teenager courting her grandmother Anita.

Unaware of their contents, she said: "I'm going to have a little read now, hopefully, they will give me some insight into his relationship with my grandmother. What I love here is this one is written in welsh.

"(It says) 'Thank you for the photograph, but I must say it isn't very true to life. You are far prettier in reality. Well baby, oh this life I do so want to be home so very much. Your birthday is nearing I believe, Please don't laugh at the enclosure. It is the best Maltese lace I could get. I feel hot all over when I think what uses you will put it to.'"

Taking a pause, Ruth laughed and said: "Oh I say, Henry Richard!"

She continued: "This one doesn't have a date. But it says, 'My darling sweetheart, to think that only a few days ago we were asleep in one another's arms. I cannot help thinking of Sunday night.'

Gasping, she said: "So erm, things have clearly progressed from first base!"

Ruth was given a helping hand by a team of experts on the hit genealogy show in her hometown of Porthcawl in Wales, and Neath where her grandfather was born.

Ruth knew little of both of her grandfathers and was left amazed when she was told Henry went on to become a "local legend" in his role as Secretary of the Neath and District Medical Aid Association, and he helped shape the modern NHS.

Realising how much her dad's mother and father loved each other left her in tears at the end of the episode, where she sat outside his last place of work in Portclaw.

Crying, Ruth said: "I know when he died, my grandma was inconsolable, she really was, and then you think of those letters. She must have been so lost without him."

She added: "Henry Richard Jones you gave back in life and you helped a lot of people and that's pretty good going I think.

"So I've been on this journey, where I've got to meet the family on my mother's side and I've got to know better the grandfather on my father's side that I knew little about, it's been such a joy and I feel so comforted to see my journey ending where my life pretty much began."

Gavin and Stacey's Ruth Jones moved to tears as she's told her great grandfather was a 'local legend'

Viewers loved delving into Ruth's past and praised her amazing grandfather.

One said: "I absolutely loved #WDYTYA this week. Ruth Jones comes across as so down to earth. Those love letters were gorgeous."

Another tweeted: "Enjoyed that episode of #wdytya with #RuthJones, glorious welsh harbour views, mysterious photos, love letters & such emotion from Ruth. Really enjoyed it"

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