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Gardener who called neighbour’s lover ‘fat cow’ and punched her in face in pot plant row vows ‘she won’t get a penny!’


A GARDENER who called her neighbour's lover a "fat cow" and punched her in the face during a row over her pot plants has vowed she "won't get a penny" out of it.

Angela Williams, 57, saw red when she overheard Jasmina Vidovic comment on the large plant pots outside her home in, Christchurch, Dorset.

The ugly spat saw the 57-year-old call Ms Vidovic a "fat cow" before punching her in the face four times.

Her neighbour, Peter Adams, had already posted a note through Ms Williams' door asking her to move the pots - because they were obstructing his 2ft wide path to the side of his bungalow.

But Ms Williams screwed up the note and shoved it back through his letterbox.

Things then came to a head when Mr Adams, 62, and Ms Vidovic came home one day - and Ms Vidovic made a comment about the pots.

A court heard Williams was pottering in her front garden at the time and was hidden from view by a trellis.

And when she heard the remark she stormed over to Ms Vidovic, called her a "fat cow" and said to Mr Adams "can't you do better than that, Peter?" while referring to his "lady friend".

Ms Vidovic, who is originally from Bosnia and aged in her 40s, took that to be a racial slur.

Williams then repeatedly punched a shocked Ms Vidovic, who was holding two carrier bags of tomato plants at the time.

The care worker was left with bruising to the face and a headache.

The next day, Williams posted a note through her neighbour's door, apologising for her "unladylike behaviour".

She was arrested for assault and claimed to police she had only slapped Ms Vidovic in self-defence.

But she was found guilty of assault following a trial at Poole Magistrates' Court and was ordered to pay her victim £100 compensation.

She is not getting a penny from me!

Angela WilliamsFurious pot owner

The seemingly unrepentant defendant shouted from the dock of the court: "She is not getting a penny from me."

Williams was warned she could go to prison if she did not pay.

Afterwards, Mr Adams said the stress of the case had caused him and Ms Vidovic to split up. He has also sold his home because of it.

Magistrates heard that Williams had lived in the detached bungalow in Mountbatten Close, Mudeford, for about 14 years.

She had always kept the five plant pots filled with roses, azaleas and hebes close to the side wall of the neighbouring property.

But in the months leading up to the attack there had been an ongoing dispute over them blocking Mr Adams' route to his back garden.

A few weeks before Williams told a friend she would "knock her block off" when referring to Ms Vidovic who had complained about them.


Mr Adams, who is a university lecturer, said when they returned home on the day in question Ms Vidovic noticed the path was still blocked.

He said: "I couldn't walk down my path because of the pots, they blocked my route. I was angry about the pots.

"I had written a note to Angela asking politely for them to be removed and the note was screwed up and put through my door.

"She (Ms Vidovic) noticed there were many pots against my property and commented to me this was a hazard.

"I was aware in the background of Angela in her front garden about 20ft away.

"Angela said it was 'none of your business' in quite a loud and aggressive tone.

"She walked up and called her names. She said 'you fat cow' and 'can't you do better that that, Peter?'

"Angela referred to a party a few weeks before where she told my friends 'I would knock her block off.'

I said 'Angela, calm down please'. Then suddenly, out of the blue, she hit her four times in the face.

Peter AdamsNeighbour

"I said 'Angela, calm down please.'

"Then suddenly, out of the blue, she hit her four times in the face. I froze because I was shocked. Jasmina dropped her keys and told me to call the police."

Magistrates were shown the card that Williams posted through her neighbours' door in the aftermath if the attack.

It read: "Peter, I apologise for my unladylike behaviour. Angie. x"

Ms Vidovic admitted making a remark about the plant pots.

She said: "The plant pots were down the side of the wall of the house on the path. I was aware Peter was very annoyed that he couldn't use the path anymore to get to the back garden. The pots were clearly on his side.

"I wasn't upset. I found it funny the pots were still there after so many times he said he didn't want them there.

"Why would I want to sort out something that was none of my business?

"I was devastated. It went from being a very nice day into a disaster where I was beaten up and humiliated."

Williams claimed that the well-tended plant pots had never been a problem and that she would have moved them if asked.

She told police that Ms Vidovic started "mouthing off" about the pots and pointed her finger in her face.

She added: "I felt threatened by her and in a pre-emptive strike slapped her once to her face with my right hand with the force that I felt was reasonable in the circumstances."

The magistrates rejected her version of events and found her guilty.

Williams was fined £180 and told to pay £100 costs and a £34 victim surcharge.

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