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Fury as yobs smash up football team’s defibrillator hours after Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest horror

FURY has erupted after vandals were caught smashing a football team’s defibrillator hours after footie ace Christian Eriksen collapsed while playing at the Euros.

Footage of the yobs smashing up the life saving device was met with outrage on social media with people describing the destruction as “absolutely disgusting”.

The video quickly started circulating widely after Buxted FC, a local team founded in 1918 from Uckfield, East Sussex, tweeted out the CCTV in an appeal to identify the vandals.

In the clip, a man and woman, suspected in their late teens or early twenties are seen removing the £2,000 defibrillator from its case and tossing it aside to inspect it.

The boy flings it at the ground several times while appearing to film.

The girl stamps on the device and try to remove the equipment's case from a wall, and when that doesn't work they appear to spit in it, Mr Gosden claimed

The club Tweeted: "Last night at 12:50am, our defib was vandalised. It was caught on CCTV so if anyone has any information about who these two people are then please report it Sussex Police.

Club committee volunteer Mick Gosden told The Mirror the village was disgusted by the duo's actions, questioning why anyone would do such a thing.

Mr Gosden said: "I really can't believe how low some people will sink.

"It's just so appalling."

"With the events of what happened yesterday afternoon with the professional footballer, it's so disappointing.

"How would they feel if their parents or grandparents needed a defibrillator someday and there was none there?"

I really can't believe how low some people will sink. It's just so appalling

Mick Gosden club committee volunteer

The pair seemed to be filming themselves on mobile phones as they carried out the act, he added.

"It looks like 'look how clever we are, isn't this fun.' I just think that it's very sad."

Twitter users were also horrified at the footage, with one person saying: "Watched this absolutely stunned. How could anybody think this is in any way acceptable. It's unbelievable.

"Really think these people need to be caught and to make good what they have destroyed. I only hope it's not needed before it can be replaced."

Another said: "On the same night many of the world watched a footballer’s life literally saved by one of these machines, these two decide to destroy a defib."

More chimed in: "Would love to know why they did this. Can't think of a single reason why you would go out and vandalise something like that."

Another user agreed: "Absolutely disgusting; I'm seething at the way they gobbed into it at the end. Hope you catch them and so sorry this happened to your vital defib."

McDonald’s Fun Football, who offer free kick arounds for kids, offered their help to finance a replacement defibrillator. They said: "We would be happy to pay for a new one for your club, we are following you now so please DM us if we can be of any help."

A Sussex Police spokesperson said: "Police are investigating a report of a defibrillator being damaged and stolen by two suspects at Buxted Football Club in Uckfield.

"The incident is believed to have taken place in the early hours of Sunday morning."

Anyone with information that may assist with enquiries is urged to report online or call 101, quoting 551 of 13/06.

Yesterday, the former Spurs midfielder, Christian Eriksen "was gone" after he suddenly collapsed during the Euros match against Finland, but thanks to defibrillator, he was saved.

Medical staff raced onto the pitch to give emergency treatment to the Inter Milan ace as his team-mates formed a protective shield around him.

And speaking at a press conference on Sunday afternoon, Denmark team doctor Morten Boesen said: "We don't have an explanation for what happened.

"I didn't see it live, I saw it on the screen after it happened.

"It was a cardiac arrest. He was gone and we did cardiac resuscitation.

"How close were we? I don't know. We got him back after 1 defib. That's quite fast. The details, I'm not a cardiologist, so I will leave to the experts."

Boesen added: "When I got to him he was on his side, he was breathing, I could feel a pulse, but suddenly that changed and we started to give him CPR.

"The help came really fast from the medical team and the rest of the staff with their co-operation, and we did what we had to do and managed to get Christian back."

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