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Furious neighbours of mum whose £195k house fell off a cliff slam council who refuse to save homes

IRATE neighbours of a mum-of-four whose £195,000 house was lost in a landslip have slammed the council for refusing to save their homes.

Emma Tullett, 42, said she "lost everything" when a cliff fall destroyed her property in June on the Isle of Sheppey and swallowed up the family Seat car.

She had only bought the house in 2018.

Along with other neighbours, Emma and her family were placed in temporary accommodation - where they are still living.

Residents claim they have now been told to move on by the council.

Delivery driver Ed Cane, 66, bought a two-bedroom bungalow with wife Lynn for £80,000 in 2009 which backed on to Emma's annexe.

He spent tens of thousands renovating it but now faces being forced to move and rent somewhere.

He said: "The council has told me to find a new place to live as soon as possible. But this is my home. I don't want to just up and move.

"They've said they're not going to do anything about it and are not even going to touch the cliff.

"We've been completely left behind and forgotten about. The council has done nothing and there is no help for us.

"The hole should be filled in and the road should be fixed to slow the erosion.

"I've been left to deal with this on my own with no help. I don't have enough money to go and buy another house.

"There's 50 houses on this estate and everyone is getting letters saying they should think about moving."

Neighbour Christine Green, 58, said: "Eventually they'll have to serve us with a prohibition notice to get out.

"The caravan where my son Jason lives will go first and he has cerebral palsy. They think that will happen in a few months. Then in three to five years my house will go.

"The upsetting thing is that we bought this property in 2018 and no one told us this was going to happen."

In response, the council said it will help families "manage the impact to their homes".

Councillor Tim Valentine, Swale Borough Council's member for environment, said: "Since the collapse, we’ve been working to support the households affected and gathering the best information and advice we can so we can help them make decisions about the next steps.

"We've been speaking to the families to keep them updated with developments, and have now issued hazard awareness notices to two properties outlining our advice.

"We will continue to work closely with the families to help them consider their next steps, as well as liaise with the wider community to manage the impact to their homes in the longer term.

"The nature of the land here means that erosion will continue, and we expect more of the cliff to fall in the next few years, but we can’t predict with any certainty when that will be.

"So we have given them advice on actions they can take, and we will support them as they make the difficult decisions they have ahead of them."

Woman's ‘dream house’ left hanging on cliff edge falls into ravine overnight in devastating collapse

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