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From snapping off broccoli to switching labels – supermarket staff reveal the sneaky things shoppers do to get a bargain

A SUPERMARKET manager has lifted the lid on sneaky ways customers try to cheat the system in getting a bargain. 

This comes after a store realised customers were snapping off the end of broccoli stalks to decrease the weight and cost. 

Mike, who used to be a manager of a supermarket in Australia, revealed any attempts to undercut the price by sneaky customers were no different to stealing. 

He told that one of the most common scams he witnessed was shoppers pulling off discount stickers and adding them to other items.

The manager said that policy meant the supermarket had to honour the discounted rate - so customers would walk away with bargain products. 

To combat this, they started adding product codes to discount stickers so they could identify which food item it was originally stuck too. 

However, this led to a “constant game of cat and mouse”, as customers will pull the details off the sticker.

Other scams include poking holes in packaging like cereal boxes in order to claim a damage discount. 

Often Mike said he was able to spot suspect customers on CCTV as they would be hunched over products in an abnormal fashion. 

Another supermarket manager said people would also rip stems off tomatoes to make them cheaper, and the bottom of the vegetable crates would be lined with trusses that “hadn’t just fallen off spontaneously.”

He added that his supermarket had bags with a plastic insert at the bottom to help maintain the structure, and people would hide bars of chocolate underneath. 

If they were ever caught red-handed, they would claim the snack had slipped under there by accident. 

Other cheeky customers would eat fruit as they shopped, such as bananas, and then just weigh the peel when it was time to pay. 

Alternatively, they would select the largest piece of fruit to eat, and then select a smaller piece to weigh as a substitute instead, saying it was similar in weight. 

Mike added: "Over a course of a year some of these people were getting away with hundreds of dollars through their cheap little tricks. It’s essentially stealing."

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