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Frisky Beverley Callard, 63, admits her husband Jon is a ‘mega sh*g’ leaving her I’m A Celeb campmates shocked

CORONATION Street legend Beverley Callard revealed her husband Jon McEwan is a "mega shag".

The 63-year-old soap star made the shocking revelation when talking about how much she snores in camp.

"Jon's very handsome, he's a mega shag," she told her shocked campmates.

"He is a mega shag and he dances for me in the kitchen every morning and makes me laugh my socks off."

She added: "He's gorgeous!"

Later in the Telegraph, Vernon Kay said: "She let it be known that Jon was very good at... how do we put it?

"Shall we say, bedroom activities."

Beverley continued: "I do actually call him that though Vernon, I go, 'Jon! You are my mega shaaaag!'"

Beverley Callard has been happily married to recording studio owner Jon McEwan for the last ten years.

But the actress previously revealed that she wanted to “stay single forever” before meeting Jon, and that she was initially reluctant to go on a blind date with him.

She told OK! magazine: “We were set up on a blind date by some mutual friends."

The Corrie actress has had a tough year following a botched hip operation.

But luckily Bev has had a caring husband by her side through it all.

"I really didn’t want to go because at the time I thought all men were [bleeps] and I wanted to stay single forever.

“We organised one date and I chickened out and stood him up.

“Then, on the second attempt, I turned up and saw he had a shaved head, a gold tooth and was covered in tattoos and I thought, what am I doing?!”

Beverley revealed she thought she’d lost her husband in 2016 after he collapsed at the supermarket. 

She said of the incident: “Jon’s my rock. I see him as indestructible so when I was told he had collapsed, I just went numb.

"He is never ill. What happened came completely out of the blue.

“I was on my way to A&E with my stepson Jonathan and I was begging, please God no, this cannot be.

“I was incredibly frightened because I didn’t know what I’d do if something happened to him.

"He’s my soulmate and my best friend. He’s completely and utterly the love of my life.”

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