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French hunter who shot and killed Brit cyclist he mistook for a boar breaks down in tears as he’s jailed

A FRENCH hunter who accidentally shot and killed a British mountain biker in the Alps has been jailed.

Lucas Clerc, 24, mistook Marc Sutton, 34, for a wild boar when he opened fire with a rifle just 150 metres from a residential area.

Marc, originally from Wales, was cycling in bright clothing down a popular route near his home when he was struck in an open area with clear visibility.

The hunter, who shot the Brit dead in October 2018, broke down in court in Thonon-les-Bainswhen he was found guilty of manslaughter.

He has been jailed for four years, three of them suspended, along with a 10-year hunting ban and five year ban on owning a gun.

The Sun told at the time how Marc's sister Katie Toghill, then 32, said he deserved to be shot.

She claimed her brother repeatedly raped and beat her when they were children and that he fled abroad after he was confronted years later by her and their mum Katrina.

Katie said: “He was a rapist c*** and I’m glad he’s dead.

“When I heard he had been killed I felt utter relief, it was a massive burden off my back. I was just relieved he couldn’t hurt us or anyone again.”

She added: “He deserved to be shot like an animal — he was the biggest animal there was.

“They hunted the right animal. I want the killer to get off because he did us a favour.”

Marc's father branded the claims "lies" while his partner Jo called them "ridiculous."

Three other hunters and a wife of one of the accused were given suspended sentences between six and 18 months for concealing evidence.

They had altered hunting logs to claim they were not in the area at the time and put up signs warning of a hunt to make it looks like they took precautions.

The mostly inexperienced group broke basic safety rules and one member had drunk a bottle of wine, two beers and smoked cannabis before the hunt, a court heard.

One member told the court: “It’s always been like that.”

Marc's partner Jo Watts said: “I’m happy that the hunters have been judged and hope that they have Marc’s death on their conscience and that they think of him every day.

“It’s hard to accept the fact that Marc’s death could have been avoided if basic security rules had been put in place.

“I only hope that people will learn lessons and that nobody else has to suffer the loss of a loved one in such circumstances.”

The couple had lived in La Cote-d’Arbroz, near Les Gets in the Haute-Savoie region of France for four years.

They ran a catering company and had just opened their healthy food cafe in the town centre.

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