An emergency call to police by a four-year-old boy has gone viral with the youngster asking if they could "come over and see" his toys.

Police in New Zealand jumped into action and having headed to his home an officer was able to confirm that he did in fact have "cool toys".

The recording of the call was shared on social media by police in the South Island city of Invercargill.

While they do not encourage children to ring the emergency number, officers alleged the call was “too cute not to share”.

The call begins in standard fashion, with the emergency operator saying: “This is police, where is the emergency?”

After a pause the unidentified boy hesitantly says: “Hi”, and then “police lady?”

The dispatcher responds in a softer tone: "Yes.

“What’s going on?”

“Um, can I tell you something?” the boy asks, before adding: “I’ve got some toys for you.”

The woman then said: “You’ve got some toys for me?"

And he replied: “Yep. Come over and see them!”

A man then picks up the phone from the boy and confirms the call was a mistake and there was, in fact, no emergency.

Still, a police dispatch call then goes out, providing the address and stating clearly: “There is a four-year-old there who is wanting to show police their toys, over.”

An officer pounces into action, saying: “Yeah I’m one up, I’ll attend to.”

Police said the officer, identified only as Constable Kurt, attended the address, whereupon he was shown a selection of toys. He later confirmed to his fellow officers that, as he had testified, the boy did indeed “have cool toys”.

The force also shared a photo of Constable Kurt with the boy sitting happily on the bonnet of his police car and wearing the officer’s hat, saying the lad had even ben treated to seeing its flashing lights in operation.

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