Belgium's former king Albert II has finally conceded he is the father of a lovechild - two decades on from her original paternity claim.

A lawyer for Albert revealed that DNA test result showed Delphine Boel is the retired monarch's daughter yesterday.

Boel, 51, has now become a princess and is entitled to a share of her father's estate when he dies, according to reports.

Albert, who abdicated six years ago in favour of his son Philippe, had long contested Boel's claim.

The 85-year-old gave a DNA sample in May after a Belgian court order.

The tests showed that he is Boel's biological father, a statement from Albert's lawyer said.

Delphine Boel, an artist and aristocrat, is now a princess

Boel, who is now 15th in line to the throne, has said that she just wants recognition that the former king is her father rather than any money.

She is younger than Albert's three children with Queen Paola, his Italian wife.

Next in line to the throne is 17-year-old Princess Elisabeth, daughter of Philippe and Queen Mathilde.

Boel's identity became a topic of public debate after publication in 1999 of a biography of Paola which alleged that Albert had a long extramarital relationship from which a daughter was born in the 1960s.

Albert II, 85, admitted a DNA sample showed he was Boel's dad
Albert (pictured here in 1965) is thought to have started a relationship with Boel's mum in 1966

Mail Online reports that Boel is believed to be the result of an 18-year affair between Albert and the Belgian aristocrat Sybille de Selys Longchamps.

Mr Yves-Henri Leleu, representing Boel, told the site: "She feels good. She is very, very happy. A 20-year problem is at the point of being solved.

"Maybe she will have a party… Belgians are very big fans of champagne."

The artist first claimed the monarch was her dad in 1999
Her dad abdicated in 2013

The relationship between her mum and dad is thought to have started in 1966, when Albert was married - to Donna Paola Ruffo di Calabria - but not yet king.

Boel was born in 1968 and her parents' affair is thought to have ended in 1984.

The 51-year-old first said the monarch was her father in 1999.

In 2005, she claimed Albert told her 'you are not my daughter'.

Prince Albert II with his wife Paola and their three children

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Her claim meant she and her mother were put on a 'high risk' list by banks.

This reportedly resulted in the Royal Bank of Scotland closing both of their accounts in 2012.

Her 11-year-old son was also put on the register, restricting his access to finances.

In 2013, she took her fight to the courts, resulting in Albert being told to hand over a DNA sample last year.

He faced being fined £4,238.31 for every day he failed to produce a sample.

The retired monarch handed one over shortly afterwards.