A shot of the empty Millennium Bridge in the heart of London is a striking image in a new short film urging Britain to conjure up its wartime spirit in the fight ahead.

The film features Dame Vera Lynn’s famous number “We’ll Meet Again” performed by young singer Sophie Madeleine.

It is sung over images of deserted spaces across Britain reinforcing the message to stay home and save lives.

Forces sweetheart, Dame Vera, 103, who rallied the nation against Hitler, said from her home in Ditchling, East Sussex: “It’s important to recognise the sacrifices millions are making.

"But we also need to remind people things will improve if we pull together and we will all meet again when this is over.”

Dame Vera Lynn rallied the nation against Hitler
Dame Vera Lynn at 103 with her daughter Virginia at home in Sussex

The film was made independently by the Zinc Network which has run campaigns for the United Nations and Government. It ends with the message: “Thank you for keeping your distance.

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If we stay apart now, together we will beat this.

And come back stronger.” Included are shots of the London Eye, beaches and scenes from Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Brighton, where singer Sophie lives.