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Foot fetish grandma, 60, charges young men $200 AN HOUR to watch her X-rated cam girl performances

A GRANDMOTHER is making $200 an hour satisfying the foot fetishes of young men in x-rated webcam performances.

Tammi Baltin, 60, from Long Beach, California, began modelling at 57 after a 20-year relationship ended in 2017.

She says she never thought of herself as being especially attractive, but decided to try web cam work after being inundated with unwanted lewd messages on dating apps.

She now describes herself as a "sex worker", though only models online, where she goes by the name Bluemynx.

“I was keenly aware of the way I was perceived by the world and it saddened me," she said.

"I got so many rude propositions, based on a look I seem to have, that I decided if you can't beat them join them."

“I’d receive messages saying ‘DTF?’ as an initial message quite frequently and I had to learn what it meant.

"Or men immediately wanting to sext or video chat, this was the final straw."


Tammi decided to try cam modelling after one match told her that her look - which includes tied hair and tattoos - was highly desired in the online world.

She says her fanbase is varied, but made up mostly of students and married men between 18 and 35.

She charges around $200 an hour, and can make up to $3000 a month as a performer. 1

Clients on live chat rooms can see Tammi in lingerie, completely naked, and even close-ups of her feet.

"My feet are very flexible and I have long toes, plus I can articulate my feet," she says.

“Men are fascinated by the feet but feel they shouldn't be.

"That's what makes it a successful fetish, the tease.

"Because in their minds it isn't logical or right to be turned on by feet, they're dirty.”

Tammi has worked in a number of professions previously, from bartender to executive assistant.

She says she has always struggled in social situation, but that confidence has grown since she became a model.

“I'm very introverted but love to make people feel good," she said.

“Before I felt I was perceived by the world as an overweight weirdo who thinks and talks too much.

“I'm finally in control of my life, I have learned to trust myself and my intuition.

"I value and respect myself for the first time."


Tammi has been married four times and has an adult son, though doesn't speak with him because of political and religious differences.

She is also a grandmother.

She says she is happier now she's single, and isn't worried what her friends and family might think of her new career.

“The few people in my life are okay about it but I'm very private about my life to generic friends," she said.

"I talk about music and dancing which are my loves, I don't talk about my job.

“My life is mine to live how I see fit.

"You only have this life to be you don't waste it trying to be somebody else.”

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