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Florida smashes national record for most new cases in a day with 15,000 after 500 deaths in one week

FLORIDA recorded more than 15,000 new cases in just one day, breaking the national record on Sunday for the single day increase in positive coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to state Department of Health statistics, 15,299 people tested positive, for a total of 269,811 cases, and 45 deaths were recorded.

California had the previous record of daily positive cases: 11,694, set on Wednesday, AP reported. New York had 11,571 on April 15.

This week, Florida reported an average of 73 fatalities a day, a total of 514.

Three weeks ago, the state was averaging 30 deaths per day.

Since the pandemic began in March, 4,346 people have died in Florida of COVID-19, the state says.

Although the testing has doubled over the last month, from around 25,000 tests a day to almost 50,000, the percentage of those testing positive has gone up.

A month ago, fewer than 5% of tests came up positive on a daily average, according to AP. Over the past week, the daily average exceeded 19%.

About 10.7% of Saturday’s 143,000 tests came up positive.

"I still think we need to increase our testing a little bit more,” said University of Florida epidemiologist Dr. Cindy Prins.

" really do think we could control this, and it’s the human element that is so critical. It should be an effort of our country. We should be pulling together when we’re in a crisis, and we’re definitely not doing it."

She added: "I know people want to live their lives. There have been a lot of other times, people have made those sacrifices in order to benefit our society. It’s almost like a war effort. That’s what we need right now."

Recently a doctor warned the US will see "tremendous deaths" if coronavirus lockdowns are not imposed.
Physician and Rutgers medical professor Dr Bob Lahita was making the ominous prediction after more than 69,000 new Covid-19 cases were reported.
The surge in coronavirus cases has been driven by states that have fast-tracked the reopening of their economies, such as California, Texas and Florida.

Dr Bob Lahita told CBSN there will be "tremendous deaths" in those areas and said it was a "very good idea" to imposed new lockdowns.

He said: "I'm hoping that the governors use some common sense and close up again.

"It comes close to irresponsible, reopening, until we have absolute proof that the disease is under control."

The rampaging virus that has killed more than 136,000 Americans and in excess of 3.2 million have been infected.
At least 33 US states experienced increases compared to last week.

In spite of this, the US surgeon general declined to discourage Americans from attending large-scale gatherings over the July 4, and said a nationwide mask mandate would spark a youth rebellion.

"Here's the challenge, if you make something mandatory, particularly for the younger age groups we are talking about, many of them will rebel and do the exact opposite," Adams said during an interview on NBC's "Today" show.

"I think it's more important from a health perspective we help people understand why these are important and we help them understand why they benefit from wearing them."

Girl, 17, becomes second Florida teen to die of coronavirus as daily infections surge by 50% in a DAY and virus hits young harder than ever

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