A father-to-be died on a date night with his pregnant wife, after having a severe allergic reaction and collapsing.

Alex Hall knew he was allergic to Brazil nuts but had no idea of his fish allergy as he tucked into barramundi while out for a meal with wife Cassandra.

The couple, who had been married less than a year, were out at a fish restaurant in Victoria, Australia.

Alex, 37, had commented to Cassandra that although he hadn't eaten barramundi for some years, he was really enjoying his fish.

But moments later, he started struggling to breath as he went into anaphylactic shock, and collapsed in front of his terrified wife.

They were expecting their first child

She told the Herald Sun: "'I was just calling out to him, telling him that he was going to be OK. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it."

Off-duty nurses attempted CPR at the restaurant and he was taken to hospital but he died five days later.

A coroner ruled he had died from anaphylaxis and cerebral hypoxia - which is where the brain is starved of oxygen.

Mr Hall donated his organs after his death and his wife said that his heart was used to save the life of his child.

The couple's first child, a daughter they had planned to call Isabelle, is due in May.

Cassandra said: "We were just starting our lives together. It doesn’t seem right. He was really excited to have kids. He was just going to be the best dad.

"I am not quite sure how I am going to do it without him but I will make it happen.I am just going to live every day just trying to make him proud.”