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Exhausted Kate Ferdinand says she wants to ‘smack’ herself before kids for complaining she’s tired

KATE Ferdinand made light of her sleepless nights courtesy of baby son Cree in a hilarious Instagram post.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star, 29, uploaded a quotation post which chimed perfectly with her lifestyle as a busy mum of one and step mum of three.

The message read: "Some days I want to go back in time and find pre-kid me, who thinks she's 'so busy' and 'so tired'.

"And I want to smack her."

Kate, who has spoken candidly about her struggles with post natal life since the tot's arrival in December, wrote in the caption: "I wish I was as tired now as I thought I was then 🤣

"Serious question; will I ever sleep again? 🤣🙏🏻😩😴."

Her husband, former England footballer Rio Ferdinand, cheekily quipped: "I’m knackered tho for real 😴 😂."

Kate's fans were super supportive, with one sharing: "Yes you will.

"Those first months are so hard and sleep deprivation can make you feel like you are going crazy. I had babies that didn’t sleep so I feel your pain. Look after yourself lovely lady. X"

Another posted: "You will sleep again just different 😂 the precious moments balance it out 🙌❤️."

Kate recently reminisced on her pre-baby life with a sweet set of throwback snaps to celebrate her pal's 30th birthday.

The former reality star couldn't help celebrating friend Nadia's milestone day with the photo trips down memory lane, spanning the past two decades.

Alongside the final image she wrote: "We used to love this picture.

"Love you so very much my darling."

It showed Kate posing in a black crop top which flashed her abs, paired with a pair of black trousers.

She wore her blonde locks in waves over her shoulders and a silver bangle.

Meanwhile the new mum has candidly - and refreshingly - spoken exclusively to The Sun about how she "didn't recognise" her post-partum body.

Kate has candidly revealed how “overwhelmed” she was adjusting to her figure following the birth of their son Cree shortly before Christmas.

She won huge praise from her fans when just 11 days after Cree’s birth she shared a warts-and-all picture with the tot on Instagram.

Kate says: “There are so many things about motherhood that no one tells you. I’d had the baby and I was in this whirlwind of emotion.

“My body was not the body I recognised. I felt really overwhelmed.

“I was feeling really abnormal and I started panicking. ‘Am I meant to be feeling like this?’

“I was so happy but very emotional. And I was looking through social media and thinking, ‘Is this normal? Because no one ever says this’.

“I thought, ‘If I put up a photo of me with my hair and make up done perfect, that is not real and it is not how I feel’.

“I felt like I had to share it. And then it was crazy the amount of people who told me they felt the same. I think that’s why it is right to not share the perfect pictures all the time."

Kate Ferdinand shares sweet video of husband Rio playing peek-a-boo with baby Cree while doing press-ups

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