The police officer who kneeled on George Floyd's neck for eight minutes despite him warning dozens of time 'I can't breathe' has been found guilty of murder.

Derek Chauvin, 44, brutally murdered dad-of-two Mr Floyd, a black man aged 46, on May 25 last year in Minneapolis, US.

Chauvin's violence against Mr Floyd over him allegedly using a fake £20 bill at a grocery store sparked worldwide protests against police brutality.

Chauvin denied all charges against him, including second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

He was found guilty of all charges by the jury who returned the verdict on Tuesday following a three-week trial. The minimum sentence he faces is 12.5 years but the maximum is 40 years.

Today's result marks the first time a white police officer has ever been convicted of killing a black citizen in Minnesota.

Chauvin listens as a jury finds him guilty of all charges
Chauvin listens as a jury finds him guilty of all charges against him

Mr Floyd, who was known as "Big Floyd" to family and close friends due to his 6ft 6in frame, left behind two daughters aged six and 22, and a fiancee, Courteney Ross.

What happened on May 25

Four Minneapolis Police Department officers encountered Mr Floyd after a 911 call from a worker at the Cup Foods corner shop just after 8pm on Monday night.

Owner Mahmod Abumayaleh, who was not there at the time, told CBS News that one of his employees called the emergency line because Mr Floyd tried to use a fake $20 bill to buy cigarettes.

According to a transcript of the 911 call, a staff member claimed a customer passed "fake bills" and was sitting on a car parked outside after leaving the store.

Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck to the point where he couldn't breathe anymore
The death of Mr Floyd sparked worldwide protests against police brutality

The caller said the man refused to give the cigarettes back and was "awfully drunk", "not in control of himself" and "not acting right".

After taking a description of the man and the car, the 911 operator tells the staff member: "All right, I’ve got help on the way.

"If that vehicle or that person leaves before we get there, just give us a call back, otherwise we’ll have squads out there shortly, OK?"

Chauvin is taken away in handcuffs after the jury found him guilty

Despite it being a non-violent alleged offence, Mr Abumayaleh said his employee followed protocol by calling the emergency line.

Minneapolis police said its officers responded to a "forgery in progress" and found Mr Floyd, who was with two other people, inside a parked car.

Following Mr Floyd's death, the force claimed he "appeared to be under the influence" and "physically resisted" as he got out of the car.

What CCTV shows

Footage captured by a witness shows a struggle as Mr Floyd is dragged out of the driver's seat of the car and handcuffed.

Courtney Ross, George Floyd's girlfriend, cries as the verdict announcement
Courtney Ross, George Floyd's girlfriend, wept as she waited for the jury to return a verdict

CCTV from the Dragon Wok restaurant shows him handcuffed and sat against a wall as police speak to him and the two other people - a man who got out of the front passenger seat and a woman who exited the back.

An officer lifts Mr Floyd back onto his feet, and he is seen speaking as he is marched across the street towards police vehicles outside Cup Foods. The man and woman who were with him are spoken to by police.

CCTV footage obtained by Fox 9 shows handcuffed Mr Floyd falling to the floor along the driver's side of a waiting patrol car after being taken across the street. A second police vehicle blocks the view of the surveillance camera.

People react with joy to the announcement that Chauvin has been found guilty of murder
People react with joy to the announcement that Chauvin has been found guilty of murder

Video taken by witness Darnella Frazier, who began recording moments after Mr Floyd fell, shows him pinned to the floor next to the rear passenger side of a police vehicle.

In footage taken from a different angle, three officers are seen pinning him down while a fourth stands close by.

For about eight minutes, Chauvin kneels on the back of Mr Floyd's neck as he repeatedly gasps "please, I can't breathe" before losing consciousness.

Witnesses beg the officers to get off him while one of the officers shouts at him: “Get up, get in the car."

Mr Floyd responds: "I will, I can't move."

Mr Floyd was unresponsive and did not have a pulse.

He was pronounced dead at the Hennepin County Medical Center at 9.25pm, about 90 minutes after police were called to the store.