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Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell sex slaves ice tea and fruit to keep them ‘prepubescent-thin’, Virginia Giuffre reveals

CONTROLLING Jeffrey Epstein fed girls fruit platters while they paraded naked around his mansion, it's been claimed.

The twisted paedophole is said to have kept an eye on the diets of his "victims" as he wanted them to look skinny and "prepubescent."

Epstein "sex slave" Virginia Giuffre also claims Ghislaine Maxwell monitored what they were eating.

The Brit socialite has been accused of being Epstein's so-called madam although she denies the claim.

She is awaiting trial for her alleged role in his sex trafficking operation but has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

Giuffre - also known as Virginia Roberts - told the 'Broken: Seeking Justice' podcast: "We would lay out completely naked... Jeffrey did not like tan lines.

"He wanted tanned bodies, petite bodies, prepubescent bodies.

"Jeffrey had us on these ridiculous diets. It was all organic... It was never like carbs, you can't just fill up, they wanted you to look a specific way."

Giuffre went onto claim Epstein's girls were given iced tea and fed fruit platters leaving them feeling "starving."

She also alleged Epstein's former chef Adam Perry Lang saw her and other girls walking around naked.

However, Lang told the podcast he never saw sexual activity or nudity and was not aware of any depraved acts committed by Epstein.

There is absolutely no suggestion of wrongdoing by Lang.

The chef reportedly volunteered himself to the FBI after Giuffre, 37, pleaded with him: “Please don’t be an enabler. Be a hero to me.”

His lawyer, Lawrence Lustberg, confirmed he was now working to help the FBI with their investigation into Epstein - who killed himself in his New York jail cell.

A lawyer for Lang told the Daily Beast: "We have absolutely always been available to the attorneys for the lawyers representing the victims — indeed, we reached out and spoke to one of them many months ago.

"Although we invited a meeting with Adam in no uncertain terms, those attorneys have literally never gotten back to us (although we did hear from other counsel this week).

"That said, we are in current contact with the federal prosecutors in the Southern District of NY and are fully cooperating with their investigation and remain more than happy to, in coordination with the prosecutors, cooperate with counsel for the victims as well."

Last week, we reported how an insider told how Epstein spent an hour every day watching videos of naked teens "for inspiration" on his paedophile island.

The billionaire sex fiend ogled explicit episodes of Girls Gone Wild while pedalling on an exercise bike on private Caribbean isle Little St James - where he raped victims as young as 12.

Epstein - who reportedly demanded sex three times a day - was said to have been "transfixed" by the videos of college girls flashing their breasts in nightclubs.

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts speaks of ‘underage-sex palace’, Lolita Express

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