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Emmerdale spoilers: Manpreet Sharma begs Charles to keep her shocking identity secret


MANPREET Sharma begs Charles to keep her shocking identity secret next week in Emmerdale. 

Manpreet - who is played by Rebecca Sarker in the ITV soap - will be thrown when she catches a glimpse of the new village vicar. 

Viewers will see Manpreet quiz Rishi about Charles and what he’s doing in the village.

When she discovers that Charles is the new village vicar and is lodging with Rhona, Manpreet pretends she’s feeling ill and runs off.

Viewers will see Manpreet burst into the church to confront Charles. 

Sensing the tense atmosphere, Harriet leaves the pair alone. 

Viewers will then see Charles addresses Manpreet as Saira and announce he thought she was dead.

Why did Manpreet lie about her identity and fake her death?

Speaking about the twist, Kevin Mathurin - who plays Charles  in the ITV soap - recently told Digital Spy: "Let's just say that Charles and Manpreet do have a history. When Charles sees Manpreet, it's like seeing a ghost and it's very unexpected.

"Out of all the places in the country – all of the different parishes that Charles has been working in – he now finds this person who he hasn't seen for 15 years.

"They're both absolutely shocked. As far as Charles is concerned, Manpreet was dead."

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He continued: "Afterwards, Charles just wants an explanation for what has been going on and where Manpreet has been. He wants to know why Manpreet suddenly disappeared.

"There's going to be some revelations. Let's just say Manpreet isn't exactly who Charles thought she was.

"He knows her as 'Saira', so for her to suddenly say that her real name is Manpreet, he wonders what other lies she has been telling him. There's a lot of past to be dug up."

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