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Emmerdale price blunder as Sam pays £12.40 for three drinks in the Woolpack 

EMMERDALE fans have spotted a pricing blunder in tonight's episode.

Sam Dingle - who is played by actor James Hooton in the ITV soap - ordered and paid for three identical pints in the pub - but was charged an impossible price.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed something strange - with Sam buying three identical pints the price of £12.40 didn't make sense.

In an apparent blunder the price per pint would have to be £4.33 recurring - making it impossible to be the correct price.

Fans slammed the blunder online taking to social media to vent at it.

One wrote: "#Emmerdale £12.40 doesn't divide by 3 assuming they are all drinking the same beer."

A second said: "£12.40 for 3 pints on @emmerdale how's that work then? £4.13 a pint??..."

Another added: "£4.13 for a pint of bitter?"

Meanwhile viewers also predicted Harriet Finch and Cain Dingle will reunite after she begged him for help over Will’s gun.

The Vicar - who is played by actress Katherine Dow Blyton in the ITV soap - was heartbroken to discover her boyfriend Will had brought a gun into their home.

And in her desperation to convince him to get rid of it, the couple ended up rowing and she took matters into her own hands.

Former police woman Harriet went to the only man she could trust to get rid of the gun - her ex Cain.

Opening up to Cain, who is going through his own divorce from Moira, Harriet let it all pour out.

She told him: “I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid. i put my trust in him and now I don’t know what to do.

“It’s Will’s. He’s paranoid - he thinks people are out to get him. I’ve tried reasoning with him but my family is in danger of falling apart.

“I need you to get rid of this. I don’t know who else to turn to.”

Cain will decide to take the gun tomorrow night sparking a horrifying situation where he shoots someone in the barn.