Emmerdale viewers have been left sickened as evil Meena Jutla attempted to kill an injured Victoria Sudden.

The evil nurse on the ITV soap has been plotting her love rival’s demise to stop her from being with David Metcalfe.

During Super Soap Week, Meena already sabotaged Victoria’s harness during an adventure trip but failed to kill her.

Following the bridge collapse and Victoria subsequently falling into the raging river and going over the waterfall, Meena finds an unconscious Victoria floating in the water.

A delighted Meena says: “Wow, you look bad. Sicky Vicky.”

Meena then told Victoria to “hang in there for David’s sake” before noting that he was already taken and saying “oh well” before pushing Victoria’s head in the water to try and drown her.

Evil Meena Jutla tried to kill Victoria on Emmerdale (



Unbeknownst to evil Meena, a horrified Andrea Tate has witnessed everything from the cliffside and Meena did not see her despite Andrea calling out her name and screaming at her to stop.

However, Meena was then interrupted when an injured David himself emerged and then Meena feigned having tried to save Victoria.

Naturally, viewers took to social media to share their disgust at evil Meena Jutla’s behaviour.

Andrea Tate witnessed exactly what Meena was up to from the cliffside

Meena held Victoria under the water in an attempt to kill her

One Emmerdale fan wrote on Twitter : "Meena is a psychopath! #Emmerdale ".

A different viewer commented: "Meena is the most demented and evil person in the history of soap #Emmerdale ".

Meanwhile, one ITV soap fan noted: "Omfg Meena is absolutely awful, sicky Vicky #emmerdale ".

Elsewhere, one social media user tweeted: "No way can Victoria survive that no way at all #emmerdale ".

David unknowingly interrupted Meena's murderous plans

Finally, one Emmerdale admirer concluded: "Omg Meena is a vile evil b***h wonder if anyone will find out eventually what she is really like? #Emmerdale ".

Will Andrea escape Meena’s wrath now she has seen what the killer nurse was up to?

*Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with previous episodes available on ITV Hub.