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Emmerdale fans rejoice as Gabby finally admits she lied about Liam coming on to her – leaving Leyla stunned

EMMERDALE fans rejoiced tonight as Gabby finally admitted she lied about Liam coming on to her - leaving Leyla stunned.

The teen has been trying to split the couple up for weeks and things got out of hand when she let Leyla believe Liam made a move on her.

But after seeing how broken Liam was in the village, she finally went to the village store and confessed to a shocked Leyla.

Asked why she lied about something like that, she said: "I didn't do it on purpose, I've came clean now."

But Leyla replied: "You know what we went through with Jacob!"

Gabby tried to say it had nothing to do with it, but David, who was behind Leyla, cried: "Yes it has! It's people like you that stop real victims being believed."

Gabby was told she could have caused "career ending problems" for Liam, and Gabby said: "I know and I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to get this far."

When Leyla asked why she had done it, Gabby wouldn't say, but it suddenly dawned on Leyla she had been on a campaign to bring her down ever since she trashed her office.

Furious, she told Gabby: "I gave you a second chance, I believed in you!"

Fans rejoiced that Gabby had finally come clean, with one writing on Twitter: "Gabby finally doing the right thing!"

A second added: "Thank god Gabby owned up now I hope Liam chucks Leila".

A third tweeted: "Well done gabby for finally owning up but come on Leyla you’re out of order."

It seems like their requests came true as Liam failed to accept Leyla's apology.

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