Emmerdale fans have been quick to point out a plot hole with David Metcalfe on the show.

The big Super Soap Week has finally arrived with multiple characters on an outdoor pursuit trip that sees lives in danger.

Evil serial killer Meena Julta has been tampering with harnesses in a bid to murder an enemy in the form of love rival Victoria Sugden.

However, Meena was worried that the harnesses got mixed up and a situation akin to Russian roulette occurred.

Yet amidst all the drama on the ITV soap, fans could not get over the fact that the object of both Meena and Victoria’s desire - David Metcalfe - was even on the trip at all.

Victoria Sugden, David Metcalfe and Meena Jutla face a deadly week on Emmerdale

The shopkeeper was gunned down mere weeks ago in the armed siege at the Hop by evil Russ Posner and has been recently seen recovering in bed.

Yet just in time for Super Soap Week, David is out and about braving the elements and taking part in strenuous physical activities with his friends.

Naturally, viewers were quick to point out the unlikeliness of the scenario in posts on social media.

David is out and about enjoying the Survival trip (



David was fighting for his life last month after being shot

One Emmerdale fan wrote on Twitter : ‘can't believe how active David is when last week he could hardly breathe or walk lol”.

A different viewer tweeted: “ #emmerdale David recovered quickly he couldn’t walk 2 days ago”.

Meanwhile, another admirer of the ITV soap commented: “the fresh air has worked wonders on David #emmerdale ”.

Elsewhere, another person watching the show wrote: “David recovered well, he was dying last week he's rafting now, no way could he do that #emmerdale ”.

David along with several others are left in serious peril (



Finally, one Emmerdale fan concluded: Wow #david in @emmerdale has made a quick recovery! Last week he was unable to move and now this week he’s on the survival course #emmerdale ”.

Will David and Victoria survive Meena’s murderous antics?

*Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with previous episodes available on ITV Hub.