Emmerdale viewers were not impressed on Friday evening as everyone finally discovered that Cathy Hope is the person who has been trolling April Windsor.

Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) has been bullying her niece for weeks online, but she finally came clean and was forced to go to the police station to answer some questions about her behaviour.

Accompanied by her dad Bob, Cathy explained why she had done it and said she felt that April (Amelia Flanagan) got all the sympathy for her mother Donna's death - despite her being Cathy's sister too.

Bob (Tony Audenshaw) looked devastated as he realised he had a big part to play in Cathy's behaviour and her feeling neglected, but he failed to punish his teenage daughter.

Emmerdale viewers were not impressed with Bob Hope after tuning into Friday's episode (



Emmerdale fans tuning in at home were not impressed at all, and felt that Cathy should have been reprimanded for her terrible acttions.

"Bob is too bloody soft #Emmerdale," one person wrote, while another tweeted: "WTH, the police let her get away with everything and THEN Bob did nothing. I would've been grounded forever #emmerdale.

A third person added: "Bob is a push over.. he’s swallowed Cathys pity story saying Bob not grieving for her mum #emmerdale."

Cathy has been bullying April for weeks and finally came clean about her behaviour (



And a fourth tweeted: "How can Bob agree with what Cathy is doing when she's the one calling his other dead daughter all sorts of names #Emmerdale."

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