Emmerdale fans have been hooked as they watch actress Rosie Bentham take on the role of Gabby Thomas, but some might not realise that the character was actually portrayed by someone else until 2015.

The role of the troublesome teen, currently feuding with the father of her unborn child Jamie Tate, was originally played by Annelise Manojlovic - who assumed the role when she was just two weeks old.

The daughter of Bernie Blackstock and Ashley Thomas, young Gabby burst onto our screens way back in 2001.

At the time, Annelise shared the role with another baby, Jemma Giles, before permanently taking on the role in later years. During her time as Rosie, the actress took on several memorable storylines such as struggling to bond with her mum and baby brother.

Annelise Manojlovic played Gabby Thomas until 2015 (



Annelise went on to play the character between 2001 and 2015 before the spot was handed to Rosie.

Despite her lengthy tenure on the ITV soap, it looks like Annelise has since stepped away from television work altogether and is instead focusing on other types of performance.

According to the talent website Mandy, Annelise in fact went on to train as a professional dancer and leftThe School of Ballet Theatre UK with a Ballet Performance Bachelor of Arts degree.

Specialising in jazz, tap and ballet, her profile also describes her as having an interest in performing on cruise ships and in musical theatre in the future.

Her profile also states that she is a Legit and Mezzo-Soprano singer, meaning that her classical vocal skills might be heading to the stage sometime soon.

While Annelise has since moved onto other exciting projects, the current Gabby Thomas star also has her hands full with some very serious storylines.

The child star has since trained to be a dancer

The ITV soap has seen endless drama for scheming Gabby after she lost best friend Leanna Cavanagh - unknowingly to murderer Meena Jutla. She has also since been tied to the succession games at Home Farm.

In upcoming scenes, Gabby is set to confront Jamie after she catches wind of his plans to leave the village.

It results in a nail-biting trip to hospital for Gabby, after Jamie savagely tells the pregnant teenager that he never wanted their baby in the first place.

Emmerdale's Gabby Thomas is currently expecting a baby (



At hospital, Gabby is eventually visited by her mother, Bernice, who vows to look after her daughter from now on. However, it remains to be seen whether the mum-to-be agrees with Bernice's suggestion about moving in together.

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